Viewing the Future - "The Clock of the Long Now" from Public Record

At the 2015 ALA Annual Conference, Danielle Engelman and Catherine Borgeson from The Long Now Foundation talked with us about several of the Foundation's projects, including the Manual for Civilization, Rosetta Project language library, and 10,000 Year Clock.  
If you aren't familiar with 10,000 Year Clock, check out Public Record's new short video that introduces the project and some of the big thinkers behind it, including Danny Hillis, Stewart Brand, Alexander Rose, and Brian Eno.   

The Clock of the Long Now from Public Record on Vimeo.

I'm always impressed by the scope of the projects the Foundation undertakes and the complexity of the solutions they propose. Collectively, they think through components no individual would have considered alone - timed to the sun, sequenced to ever-changing chimes, housed in a mountain. Their work challenges us to not only think on a different time scale, but also in truly collaborative ways. Steward Brand notes that there is a problem of people not believing in the future. Through work that requires generational, collaborative thinking, projects like the 10,000 Year Clock inspire our belief in long-term, optimistic futures.