icon representing digital content issuesA selection of articles discussing and comparing the different formats available for ebooks and digital content.


  1. Collection = Connection: The Library Collection Management Blog "Acquiring E-Books" compiles information on formats, vendors, aggregators, and publishers. Other Blog entries cover topics like e-book platforms for k-12, new digital displays, e-books working with academic journals, and expansion of amazon kindle format.

  2. eBook Architects A good list of the most popular formats with a note about the related DRM information.

  3. Comparison of e-book formats An extensive list of different e-book formats including color-coded comparison chart.

  4. eBook Platforms  A collection of articles relating to different e-book formats.

Reading on Screen vs. Reading on Paper


  1. Eye movement analysis of reading from computer displays, eReaders and printed books.  (Aug 13, 2012) The analysis of eye movements during reading an eBook from different eReading tools suggests that subjects’ reading behavior is similar to reading from a printed book.

  2. Nicholas Carr - "E-textbooks flunk an early test" - Rough Type (May 12, 2011) This blog entry discusses the differences between printed text and e-books with a specific focus on students’ and schools’ struggles to adapt to eBook technology.

  3. “The Future of Academic Reading—BGSU Discussion” ( March 14, 2011) A day-long session at Bowling Green State University in March, 2011 explored this topic with students, faculty, and administrators, who gave examples of how they read digital information, including specific information on devices.