Creating a Digital Media Lab at Your Library

Creating a Digital Media Lab at Your Library (PLA On-Demand Webinar)R. Toby Greenwalt and Mikael "Mick" Jacobsen

This webinar explores the new wave of creative spaces appearing in public libraries all over the United States and explain why libraries have an essential role to play in digital media creation. Toby Greenwalt and Mick Jacobsen from the Skokie (Ill.) Public Library share their insights on how to sell the concept of a Digital Media Lab to library administration, set up a space that fits any budget, and offer programs and services that maintain public interest over time.
Digital Media Labs are specialized creative spaces devoted to the creation of multimedia content. Offering a range of hardware and software tools for video, audio and graphic design, these spaces position libraries as incubators for creativity and archives for user-generated content.