Building Science 101: A Primer for Librarians

Building Science 101: A Primer for Librarians Lynn M. Piotrowicz & Scott Osgood

In this practical, concise volume, authors Lynn M. Piotrowicz and Scott Osgood provide a tour of the library building from foundation to roof. In a time of rapidly inflating energy prices and tight public budgets, many libraries are faced with older physical facilities that are not up to modern standards of efficiency. Designed for libraries where construction of a wholly new building is not feasible, this book offers step-by-step instructions for

  • Improving the energy use of existing structures, with methods for being environmentally and fiscally responsible
  • Identifying ways to enhance building maintenance
  • Investing resources now in order to free them later for core library functions

Managers will welcome this handy orientation guide and feel empowered to recommend changes at their own libraries using the authors’ expert advice.