Build Your Own Digital Media Lab: Skokie Public Library’s media lab

Build Your Own Digital Media Lab: The Skokie Public Library’s state-of-the-art media lab lets patrons get creative with technology

The Digital Shift

"A patron with no experience producing movies came to the Adult Services Computer Lab at Skokie Public Library (SPL), IL, requesting to use the Digital Media Lab (DML). She wanted to scan images of her recently deceased uncle as part of a video memorial. She also wanted to use music he wrote and recorded as the video’s audio track.

A staff member began by teaching her how to use one of the lab’s flatbed scanners—and the basics of Photoshop Elements 9—to digitize and enhance her images. Since she had nearly 100 images, a portable hard drive was checked out to her. At the next session, the patron was shown how to add the scanned images to an iMovie time line along with background music. Once all the images and music were added, she was shown how to put the credits at the beginning and end of the video and add statements to the images (such as dates, names of people in the pictures, and locations)—a considerable project—with staffers making suggestions throughout to help her realize her vision. Finally, the patron burned the movie to a DVD to show it to her family.

It’s all in a day’s work for the Digital Media Lab." ...