Blogs to watch

Libraries, publishers and readers nation-wide are dealing with Digital Content and Ebooks. Here are a selection of blogs detailing other people's perspectives and information about these issues.

icon representing digital content issues

  1. American Libraries Magazine econtent blog. Members of ALA's Digital Content & Libraries Working Group and guest authors contribute to this blog with guidance and updates from the electronic resources field.
  2. The Digital Reader. Ebook and ereader reviews, links to sites offering free ebooks and general ebook news.
  3. Tele-Read. Tele-Read is an online publication offering daily news and opinion about e-books, e-reading, libraries, copyright, and a wide range of other topics related to the many changes taking place in the print and digital publishing industries today.
  4. Early Word: The publisher - librarian connection. This is a Blog and Web site on a mission — to give libraries the earliest information possible on the books their customers will be looking for, so they can stay ahead of demand. Use the Ebooks menu category for digital content topics.

  5. AppNewser. A blog on digital publishing.

  6. eBookAnoid. Reviewing eReaders, eBooks, eBook websites, and all things related. 

  7. EduKindle. eReaders for educators.

  8. No Shelf Required. No Shelf Required® is a blog about eBooks, loosely defined to discuss eBooks, audio books, and other digital content found in libraries as well as the technology needed to read and listen to this digital content.  

  9. E-voke. Blog for Colorado organizations committed to creating the  future for library e-content, with a central focus on ebooks.

  10. Scholarly Communications @ Duke. Duke University blog is intended to inform about developments in scholarly communications, including the application of copyright law and its exceptions to teaching and research. The blog is regularly updated with information about developing issues, policy debates and proposed solutions. The blog is authored by Kevin Smith, Duke University’s first Scholarly Information Officer.

  11. Joe Wikert's Publishing 2020 Blog. A book publisher's future vision of print, online, video and all media formats not yet invented.

  12. Publishing Perspectives. Publishing Perspectives delivers daily opinion about the industry from top members of the global publishing community, a look at the innovators and issues who are shaping the future of the business, as well as news and links from around the Web and the world.

  13. PWxyz. News blog for Publisher's Weekly. Use the e-books menu category to link to their e-books archive.

  14. Digital Content Chronicle. A look at how the transition from print to digital and open content is changing K-12 education.

  15. Good e-Reader. Good e-Reader News covers topics such as e-Reader, Digital Publishing, eBooks and tablet news. They conduct interviews with some of the industry’s leading executives and travel to all of the major conferences and tradeshows every year.

  16. eBooks in public libraries. Resources for educating patrons about eBooks in public libraries

  17. Digital Book World Digital Publishing News for the 21st Century

  18. @dickkaser's & Etcetera. Further thoughts about e-media, e-content, e-access, and e-archives. This blog has not been updated since 6/2011.