ALA Resources

A collection of items offered by ALA to assist in the transformation of your library through the use of Ebooks and Digital Content.

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ALA E-book Media and Communications Toolkit:

ALA wiki page on e-books:

ALA Delicious page on e-book readers:

Public Library Association's page of e-book resources for librarians and patrons:

PLA "E-Books and Libraries – What's Available for Free" (Public Libraries Online)

AASL page on use of ebooks and ebook readers in school libraries:

AASL School Libraries Count! 2010: Supplemental Report on Digital Content and Resources.

AASL School Libraries Count! 2011: Supplemental Report on Digital Citizenship.

ALCTS Digital Collections page:

ALSC Blog: Section on e-readers and e-books.

ALA Digital Content and Libraries Working Group:
Please see here for tip sheets created by the DCWG