Setting Up a School Library: A Resource Guide

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"How do I set up a library?" is a question the American Library Association receives from people in a wide range of situations. In some cases, the need is to organize a large personal or office collection. In others, it is to set up a library where there is, at the beginning, only the desire to have library service where there is none, such as in a village where a Peace Corps volunteer is working.

Establishing a new library, or developing an existing collection of books and other materials into a library, involves several functions: creating the oversight or governance structure, defining the mission and purpose of the organization, securing funding, planning, developing a collection, securing or building an appropriate space, equipping the space, and marketing services. In all cases, planning for the collection should come first:

For information on starting a school library, begin with the resources compiled by ALA's American Association of School Librarians (AASL, a division of ALA <>), the AASL Essential Links: Resources for School Library Media Program Development Wiki:

Starting a School Library Media Program from Scratch

See the Library Standards page compiled by the ALA Library, which includes a section on school libraries.

Additional school libraries news and resources are continually updated at Delicious.

Additionally, each state will have specific resources available through governmental and library agencies, such as:

Selected books by ALA/AASL and other publishers

You can automatically check your own local public and/or community college library for any of the books on the School Libraries list of books compiled by the ALA Library at, a free online database by OCLC of library catalogs worldwide, in which you can search book titles by your zip code, to find the closest library with that title. Remember, even if your local library doesn't have the title, ask the library to request it for you by interlibrary loan. The list includes several school library operations and management titles, including:

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Selected periodicals by ALA/AASL and other publishers

See the list of AASL Publications & Journals, which includes:

AASL Hotlinks
Archived issues of the AASL Hotlinks monthly e-mail newsletter. Access is restricted to current AASL members only.

Knowledge Quest
AASL's print journal.

School Library Research
AASL's open-access online research journal.

    LMC: Library Media Connection

    School Library Journal

    School Library Monthly

    Teacher Librarian


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