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Library Directories - United States

A directory of all libraries in the United States does not exist. The closest approximation of such a publication is the American Library DirectoryTM 2014-2015, the latest (67th) edition of an annual two-volume set published by Information Today, Inc.

Check your local public or college library for a copy of the two-volume print edition.

Volume 1 lists public, academic, and special libraries in the United States, sorted alphabetically by state (with each state's listing sorted alphabetically by city).

Volume 2 lists public, academic, and special libraries in Canada, and also lists:

  • Library networks, consortia, and other cooperative library organizations
  • Library and information studies programs (both graduate and undergraduate) at colleges and universities in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • Libraries for the blind and physically handicapped
  • Libraries serving the deaf and hearing impaired
  • State and provincial public library agencies
  • State school library agencies
  • United States armed forces libraries overseas

Volume 2 also includes organization and personnel indexes for all of the libraries within the publication.

Individual library entries in the American Library Directory provide names of staff and contact information, with the library's address, phone number, fax number, and web site address and e-mail address, if applicable, as well as information about the library's finances, population served, and holdings.

The American Library Directory is available as the American Library Directory Online - for which there is a 14-day free trial available - and includes the contact information indicated above, including the e-mail address, if provided, at:

The American Library Directory does not include school libraries. A directory of all school libraries in the U.S. does not exist; however, directories of schools (the vast majority of which have libraries) include Patterson's American Education, Patterson's Elementary Education, and Patterson's Schools Classified, which are published by Educational Directories Inc.

Many states have produced local directories of libraries. Contact your local state library for more information; a public library or an academic library in your area can give you the phone number of your local state library. The federal office for libraries and museums in the United States, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, has the page, State Programs: State Libraries. Or see the State Library Web Sites web page compiled by the State of Wisconsin.

Library Directories - International

As you might expect, a directory of all libraries in the world does not exist. However, several reference sources provide lists of international libraries. You may be able to find one or more of these publications in your local school or public library.

  • The World Guide to Libraries 2015 is the closest approximation of a list of all the libraries in the world. This two-volume set by Walter de Gruyter, Inc. is in its 29th edition, and has entries for 42,500 libraries - public libraries, academic libraries, and national libraries, as well as various types of special libraries, including corporate and business libraries, ecclesiastical libraries, and government libraries - in more than 200 countries (including the United States), in alphabetical order by country. Available are Customized Address Data Libraries (PDF) from the publication.
  • The International Literary Market PlaceTM, subtitled The Directory of the International Book Publishing Industry, from Information Today, Inc. does contain a section named Major Libraries with the description: The majority of the libraries and archives listed are those associated with government or educational institutions. Many are also involved in publishing activities.
  • The Europa World of Learning, by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, has a broader scope, and lists over 30,000 educational institutions for over 180 countries (including the United States), including libraries, universities, colleges, museums, art galleries, archives, research institutes, and societies and associations.

Library Mailing Lists/Mailing Labels

Several companies and groups sell mailing lists and labels which may be arranged and sorted in a variety of ways.

Mailing lists of the American Library Association (ALA) membership are available for rental. The membership lists include nearly 40,000 personal and organizational members active in various special interest ALA divisions and ALA round tables. Full details are provided at ALA Mail List Rental. For more information, contact ALA directly (Maribeth Chapman – Mailing Lists American Library Association 50 East Huron Street Chicago, IL 60611-2195; telephone: 1-800-545-2433, extensions 2460 or 1-312-280-2460; fax: 1-312-280-2438; e-mail:

Please be aware that not every library and librarian in the United States are members of the American Library Association. See the companies below for more comprehensive lists.

Library mailing lists and labels are also available from the following companies:

And, as mentioned above, there are Customized Address Data Libraries (PDF) available from the World Guide to Libraries.

Or use the Mailing List Finder to get a wide selection of library mailing lists available for purchase.

Library E-Mail Lists

ALA does not make available any lists of member e-mail addresses.

Use the Mailing List Finder to get a wide selection of library email lists available for purchase.

Completing a step-by-step multiple-question request form at BuyerZone will connect you with several library email list brokers.

Or, check your local public or college library for a copy of the print edition of the American Library Directory, as mentioned above. Or you can sign up for a 14-day free trial of American Library Directory Online, to search its library entries for email addresses and put together your own list of them.

Similarly, you can compile your own list of email addresses by using the lists of public library websites compiled at

There are also organized lists of public library websites compiled at Public Libraries in the United States: A Section of

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