IT Security Practices

Question: My library is looking to develop an IT security policy. Does ALA have a policy in place that we could review?

Answer: ALA does not have a policy for you to review, however I can point you to some resources that may help you in creating an IT policy for your library.

  • A list of resources and tools that was created as a companion website for the book Technology Made Simple
  • Balas, Janet L. 2005. "Close the Gate, Lock the Windows, Bolt the Doors: Securing Library Computers." Computers in Libraries 25, no. 3: 28-30.
  • Dixon, Pam. 2008. "Ethical Issues Implicit in Library Authentication and Access Management: Risks and Best Practices." Journal of Library Administration 47, no. 3/4: 141-162.
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  • Voeller, Stacy. 2007. "Privacy Policy Assessment for the Livingston Lord Library at Minnesota State University Moorhead." Library Philosophy & Practice 9, no. 4: 1-29.

Finally, if your library is looking to develop a technology plan, we recommend that you take a look at Diane Mayo's Technology for Results: Developing Service-Based Plans