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Facebook’s F8 developer conference shared new products and tools from the social network, including the integration of bots into its Messenger product, something that got a lot of news coverage. This week’s publishing and media coverage seemed to tip toward trends in video and audio and additional news about teen social media preferences seemed to confirm those trends. There’s also additional info on water scarcity, trends in higher education, and the announcement of the 2016 Knight Cities Challenge winners.

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There’s a lot of Facebook info this week and the coverage spans Books, Publishing, and Media, The Internet, and even Artificial Intelligence headings. Maybe that will keep you reading through to the end of this week’s compilation. Maybe. Along the way you’ll also see some interesting trends in education, privacy, and even robots. You can always check out the Center's trend collection to see how this scanning comes together to identify trends relevant to our future work.

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Media and demographics. That’s where the news seemed to align this week. And some interesting pieces about the internet, including the dark web, the evolution of Snapchat, and challenge of web site annotations.   You can always check out the Center's trend collection to see how this scanning comes together to identify trends relevant to our future work.   

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Microsoft’s teen-focused chatbot Tay brought a critical eye to artificial intelligence this week. Streaming content (television and music) showed its potential in two new reports. And some interesting stories about credentialing in education. And please read the Sephora story toward the end of this collection – it says so much about how spaces are evolving.    

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There’s been another uptick in subscribers to the newsletter version of this post – thank you and welcome! – and so I just wanted to share a bit of the thinking behind this effort.  

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We lost an hour this week (things were so much easier when I lived in Arizona), but that doesn’t mean we lost any bit of news. Artificial intelligence breakthroughs, virtual reality’s continuing expansion, a growing focus on the power of data, and concern for millennials and younger generations filled this week’s news cycle.   

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Voice. Hands free. Livestreaming. Oh, and a cluster about Food - let’s just make that its own heading from now on. And Virtual Reality – if it makes it to McDonald’s and roller coasters, you know it’s for real.  

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This week felt like clusters of news around specific trends. Bite-sized reading. The power of young women. Computer science in the curriculum. Voice in technology. It’s always helpful to see the news align from different angles pointing to similar insights.   Two short commercials before we dig in.   

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So, there’s been a recent uptick in subscribers to the newsletter version of this post – thank you! – and it makes me think it might be a good time to review the reasoning behind this effort.  

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This week’s news featured several stories caught at the intersection of multiple trends. Privacy (or surveillance) and the internet of things. Urbanization and income inequality. So apologies if you find stories that would have been better filed under different headings.

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One of the things that amazes me as I set about scanning through the week’s news is the amazing number of research reports that are available.

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This was another one of those weeks where two stories – Google’s machine learning system AlphaGo and the Obama administration’s push for computer science in schools – seemed to be covered everywhere. Along with those two big stories, there were interesting pieces about Netflix and Amazon’s continuing push into original content, cities’ growing interest in and use of open data, and Google’s plans for virtual reality.   

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This week’s a little all over the board, but in a good way. Some interesting news to think about the future of cities, including the future of phone booths (LinkNYC) and parking spaces. A couple of announcements regarding gaming (Minecraft) and virtual reality (Cardboard) that will help you think about the role of tech in education. And some news about the future of work, including where we will work and who or what we will work alongside (it’s robots).   

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For those who may have shared in a presentation with me over the past year, you will know that one of the quotes I often roll out comes from Skift’s "Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015". It’s a quote that seems to summarize a lot of the thinking behind the Center for the Future of Libraries. I’ve just subbed in “libraries” anywhere Skift said travel, so it goes something like:   

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Happy Martin Luther King Day!   And thanks for sticking around after the week off for Midwinter. That makes this something of a double issue, but I don’t think there’s an overwhelming amount here. Something for everyone, maybe. Especially if you are interested in autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars.      You can always check out the Center's trend collection to see how this scanning comes together to identify trends relevant to our future work.   

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