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I came across this video via Wired’s recent article, “How a Pixar Vet Is Shaping the Future of VR Storytelling.”  

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This is the second in a series of posts sharing what I'm reading to help me think about the future - and hopefully to hear back about what you are reading now to help think about later. Check out the Center's trend collection to see how this scanning comes together to identify trends relevant to our future work.

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In June I was lucky enough to be invited to a convening of the Knight Foundation’s Knight Cities Challenge winners.

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Here's how a lot of my weekends work out. I scan a lot of news and then I save a lot of it to read later and then I finally read it. Yes, a lot of stuff still goes un-read.    Some people have asked me to share more of the stuff that's interesting to me and helping to shape the Center's trend collection. So here we go. Some of this is random and some of it clusters around big issues - cities, education, and virtual reality seemed to have their moments this week.  

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Am I late to Badging? Well, yes. I’m late to writing it up for the Center’s collection of trends. But it’s not like I’ve been oblivious to badging’s presence in our world. This summer, in an attempt to kick start a habit of meditating, I downloaded the Stop Breathe & Think app and was quickly offered a sticker for completing my first few exercises.

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Last week, here at the ALA offices in Chicago, we had the pleasure of hosting Elizabeth Merritt (right), Vice President of Strategic Foresight at the American Alliance of Museums and Founding Director of their Center for the Future of Museums.

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Two things drew me to’s September 2015 Global Trend Briefing, “Post-Demographic Imperatives.” First, I enjoyed their “10 Trends for 2015” and looked forward to this opportunity to look deeper at one of the trends that piqued my interest.

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Income inequality has been on my mind from the start of the trend collection, but it seemed like such a tough topic to approach. Is it really a trend or has it always been with us? Can we really track how it’s developing? Is it possible to document all of the ways that it matters to libraries? And so, overwhelmed by the complexity of the issue, I pushed other trends first.  

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This entry is well overdue (not a library pun, just a statement of fact), both because TrendsWatch was released in February and because I’ve been behind in sharing these posts.

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This is the third of these posts from consumer trends reports (see two previous posts, Skift’s "Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015" and Sterling Brands' "On the Future: A Forecast of Near Future Trends") – and maybe after this I’ll take a little break – but December, January, and February are full of year-end and year-ahead predictions.

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I'm a sucker for consumer trends - please see a previous post on Sterling Brand's "On the Future: A Forecast of Near Future Trends." So I was happy to spend a Saturday night (yes, I'm a little lonely post-Midwinter Meeting) reading through Skift's new report, "Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015" (registration and e-mail required to download).

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Released in November 2014, this one is a big one – 225 pages – and maybe that’s why it’s taken me a little while to get through it.

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Like any librarian, I try to read a lot. Lately it’s been reports and articles that help me keep up with trends and forecasts for the future. Some of them reinforce things a lot of us are already thinking. Some of them introduce new ideas. And some of them kind of blow my mind.  Every now and then I find one that does all three and that makes for a really good read.  

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The Long Now Foundation’s Manual for Civilization seems like a project librarians can get interested in. The project seeks to crowdsource a collection of 3,500 books deemed important for sustaining or rebuilding civilization - everything from the cultural canon to technical works to science fiction to history to guides to long-term thinking.    

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For one week each October, Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) brings together some of the world's most outstanding speakers to present their ideas and inspire the innovations of tomorrow at 80+ sessions across the city of Chicago. CIW aims to be the platform for sharing big ideas and making big things happen. “That’s why we had libraries.”

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