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This week's headline comes from Wired's description of the new Lego Life social network, a space built for kids to share and collaborate around their Lego creations. Such spaces, all of us know, have value in today's society and require careful design, maintenance, and care.  I'm a day late this week - apologies for a travel schedule and some technical issues that kept me from getting this out on time.

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This week’s headline comes from The New York Times’s new “Journalism That Stands Apart” report – and it’s a refrain that ALA Past President Sari Feldman told me has been in her mind since she saw a short article about the report just a few weeks ago. Across industries, experts are looking at the changes in their world and recognizing the need to adapt their work, even while staying true to their guiding principles. 

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Day 3 of the Symposium on the Future of Libraries This article was originally published by American Libraries Magazine. 

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Day 2 of the Symposium on the Future of Libraries considers libraries as civic innovators This article was originally published by American Libraries Magazine. 

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Day 1 of the Symposium on the Future of Libraries focuses on positive power This article was originally published by American Libraries Magazine. 

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In the U.S. today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In honor of Dr. King, this week’s headline comes from his “I Have a Dream” speech. His inspiration and vision continues to drive so much of our work for the future. Two quick notes:

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This week’s headline comes from danah boyd’s insightful essay, “Did media literacy backfire?”, one of several articles that really piqued my interest this week.  

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Happy New Year! This week’s quote could be a good resolution for 2017 - it comes from Rob Austin, a professor at Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario and an advocate for recruiting neurodiverse employees, as shared in The Atlantic’s article on companies that are trying to hire more people on the autism spectrum.

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This week’s headline is from Adam Mosseri, Facebook Vice President for News Feed, announcing some of the platform's new strategies for addressing hoaxes and fake news. I believe in giving people a voice, but I also believe that there is verifiable information (truth), so I'm a little confused by Mosseri's line.

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This week’s headline comes from Martin Moore, director of the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication, and Power at King’s College, London, as quoted in The Guardian’s fascinating article, “Google, democracy and the truth about internet search.”

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This week’s headline quotes Carrie Budoff Brown, editor of Politico, from a New York Times article about media coverage for US President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets. The article provides an interesting look at information access and coverage in a complex political environment, while the quote serves as a sort of tag line for the trend scanning we try to do here. Two pieces of news from the Center:

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This week’s head line is excerpted from President Obama’s remarks a few weeks ago regarding fake news and its effects on democracy. It’s a powerful reminder that trends and societal changes force us to consider our values and the values we seek to promote in our communities and proceed with those values in mind.

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Well, we know one of the big pieces of news from this week. This week’s headline quote comes from Mark Zuckerberg, responding to concerns that Facebook helped spread misinformation and fake news stories that influenced how Americans voted. Authenticity can be interpreted in a lot of ways – library professionals help people better understand that every day.

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This week’s headline comes from an article about the Living Rooms Projects from nonprofit organization Camerados, which seeks to end social isolation by providing flexible spaces where people can gather together, engage in dialogue, seek support from community members, or do nothing at all. If it sounds a lot like a library, that’s probably by design as the project started in a public library in England. It’s another sign of the many ways that traditional library models and services can be revived and repurposed as new innovations.

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This week’s headline comes from a speech from German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressing her concern for the big internet platforms’ algorithms and their ability to limit the information provided to users and the resulting public discourse. We're continuing with a slightly new format for the articles below. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we test things out.

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