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This week’s headline comes from NextCity’s recent article highlighting public libraries in Australia. It seems like an appropriate banner as we start National Library Week – a reminder of the connection libraries broker between the physical and the digital.

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This week’s headline comes from New Republic’s “Voices of America” feature exploring the rising popularity of podcasts as highbrow, intellectual content that can just as easily lend themselves to binge-able entertainment or even background soundtracks of information. The line seems to ring true in a world of overwhelming information – and of overwhelming trends and innovations with varying degrees of application for the future of libraries.

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This week’s headline is excerpted from Women’s Media Center president Julie Burton's introduction to the new "Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2017" report showing that the majority of news coverage in the United States is still written or produced by men. Burton's clarity and determination is applicable to many futures, whether libraries or the power structures of journalism. Two news items of particular interest:

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From local practices to national policies, there is growing acknowledgement that becoming an adult is a process, not just a date on a calendar.

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This week’s headline is from Harvard psychologist Daniel Schacter quoted in a fascinating article from Nature exploring the ways that social networks may be changing how we form and perpetuate memories as individuals and as groups. A quick note that there will not be a post next week as I will be out of the office. Expect a new post – with double the info, maybe – the week of March 27th.  

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This week's headline comes from a new report from the Data & Society Research Institute and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, “How Youth Navigate the News Landscape.” It's a fascinating read, reminding us that young people are so often at the front lines of change and that they are redefining traditional ideas of news, authority, and trust.

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This week’s headline comes from a TechCrunch article announcing the availability of a new smart cities report from the National League of Cities. The report frames smart cities as an investment in equity and justice – a welcome vision and motivation for libraries to continue their involvement in smart city initiatives and equitable access to technology and the internet.

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This week’s headline comes from Mark Zuckerberg’s “Building Global Community” open letter, redefining the mission of the largest social network.

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While closely linked to the millennial generation, the “fast casual” concept, in fact, has much broader reach: easily accessible and fresh ingredients are two of its hallmarks that have wide appeal; opportunities for social connection around eating further boost its popularity. Librarians have developed innovative ways to bring the fast casual experience into the library space.

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This week’s headline comes from a piece in Wired that considers the benefit of open public spaces in times of peace and protest. As many of us know, these public spaces are key to the economic and social health of communities. You can always check out the Center's trend collection to see how this scanning comes together to identify trends relevant to our future work.

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This week's headline comes from Wired's description of the new Lego Life social network, a space built for kids to share and collaborate around their Lego creations. Such spaces, all of us know, have value in today's society and require careful design, maintenance, and care.  I'm a day late this week - apologies for a travel schedule and some technical issues that kept me from getting this out on time.

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This week’s headline comes from The New York Times’s new “Journalism That Stands Apart” report – and it’s a refrain that ALA Past President Sari Feldman told me has been in her mind since she saw a short article about the report just a few weeks ago. Across industries, experts are looking at the changes in their world and recognizing the need to adapt their work, even while staying true to their guiding principles. 

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Day 3 of the Symposium on the Future of Libraries This article was originally published by American Libraries Magazine. 

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Day 2 of the Symposium on the Future of Libraries considers libraries as civic innovators This article was originally published by American Libraries Magazine. 

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Day 1 of the Symposium on the Future of Libraries focuses on positive power This article was originally published by American Libraries Magazine. 

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