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Space. It’s top of mind for almost everyone when we start to discuss the future of libraries. It’s very hard for us to think about the future of our collections, services, programs, partners, and communities without thinking about the spaces that our institutions will occupy.

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A full week of news. The tragedy in Paris illustrated the role technology plays in humans' response and reaction to disasters and terrorism. In the midst of this dominant news story, several other pieces explored the future of journalism and its relationship to social media platforms, virtual reality, and privacy.     

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Amazon. Bookstore. All over the news this week. There was other news, too, but Amazon Bookstore stole the show. Oh, and The New York Times sent a bunch of people a VR viewer - but we covered that a lot over the past several weeks.     

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Was there a dominant news piece this week? Well, inside ALA it was all about the launch of Libraries Transform, a new public awareness campaign highlighting the value, impact and services provided by libraries and library professionals. And when you read the news outside of libraries, it's impossible not to see all the ways that libraries will continue to transform to provide value for users today and into the future.     

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This might be a downer for a Friday, but let's try it. I'm a fan of The School of Life (check out Philippa Perry's How to Stay Sane from their book series) and when I came across their recent video "Envy of the Future," I was immediately intrigued. But then, I got sad. Real sad. 

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The rise of fandom, one of the newer entries in our trend collection, was front and center earlier this month at the 2015 New York City Comic Con. Final official attendance topped 167,000 people over the four days of the show. That growth was helped by an expansion of the convention from the Javits Center to offsite locations - further evidence of the growth of fandom and fandom events.

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Without a high profile event like Oculus Connect 2 or New York's Comic Con, this week's news seemed a little disjointed. But there are always some gems, like MIT's Kinetic Blocks demonstration or the continued rumors about an Amazon bookstore, that help us continue to look into the future.    

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I’m behind on my reading. Seriously behind. There's a stack of reports printed out on my desk or saved to some drive and I know that most of them have at least some insight that will help me better understand the future of libraries. Then, of course, there's time - and that's never stacked up anywhere.

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This week’s news scan featured a lot about Amazon's Etsy competitor, Handmade at Amazon, Disney's 3D coloring book research, and Google and Mattel's VR View-Master. I think we can officially report that the holiday gift-giving season is upon us - and it's not even November. More interesting, to me at least, articles exploring the dangers of disappearing digital content and two new education initiatives that will likely advance connected learning

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This week’s news scan features a lot about the future of work and the on-demand or gig economy, including several articles from the MIT Technology Review’s new business report, The Future of Work 2015.

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I came across this video via Wired’s recent article, “How a Pixar Vet Is Shaping the Future of VR Storytelling.”  

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This is the second in a series of posts sharing what I'm reading to help me think about the future - and hopefully to hear back about what you are reading now to help think about later. Check out the Center's trend collection to see how this scanning comes together to identify trends relevant to our future work.

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In June I was lucky enough to be invited to a convening of the Knight Foundation’s Knight Cities Challenge winners.

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Here's how a lot of my weekends work out. I scan a lot of news and then I save a lot of it to read later and then I finally read it. Yes, a lot of stuff still goes un-read.    Some people have asked me to share more of the stuff that's interesting to me and helping to shape the Center's trend collection. So here we go. Some of this is random and some of it clusters around big issues - cities, education, and virtual reality seemed to have their moments this week.  

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