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This week’s headline quotes Nichole Pinkard, founder of the Digital Youth Network, which helped build Chicago’s City of Learning platform. In a fascinating story in CityLab, Pinkard and others describe how they have used City of Learning and its resulting data to better understand the relationship between program offerings, access, participation, and educational outcomes for young people.     

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Flipped learning is a phenomenon that has swept through the halls of academia and kindergarten through twelfth grade schools. When done well, it frees up classroom time for deeper exploration and application of instruction that is delivered in advance, often using current technology tools.

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This week’s headline quotes Matt Hammersley, CEO and cofounder of Novel Effect, an app that uses voice-recognition technology to insert sound effects and music to books as you read them aloud.

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This week’s headline quotes Peter Barbey, owner of the Village Voice, articulating the power of the publication even as it moves to end print publication and move entirely online. Another push for two upcoming events that may be of interest:

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This week’s headline quotes James Surowiecki (whose The Wisdom of Crowds is among my favorite books) from his article “Chill: Robots won’t take all our jobs / Robopocalypse Not” in Wired. I wanted to highlight two upcoming events that may be of interest:

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I’m struggling with this week’s news. So I’m taking an easy way out with this week’s headline, quoting the opening line of Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s note to employees following a contentious internal memo about gender and diversity in the company. The negative trends in our world, evidenced by the events in Charlottesville, may not be what we want to focus on for our futures, but they clearly require our attention and response.      

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This week’s headline quotes Dr. William B. Jeffries, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education at the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine, from an interview on NPR's All Things Considered about the school’s move from lectures to more active learning instruction. Two quick items to note:

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This week’s headline quotes Natalie Cole, library programs consultant for the California State Library, in the New York Times’ article, “Free Lunch at the Library.” I love how clearly Natalie connects libraries’ response to a community need to our commitment to the values of education and literacy.

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At one time or another, most communities face the challenge of reestablishing stability after periods of disruption—whether human-created, natural, or some combination thereof. As civic anchors, libraries have played a critical role in meeting that challenge.

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This week’s headline quotes Sian Berry, leader of the Green party in the London Assembly, in a fascinating article from The Guardian documenting the rise of pseudo-public spaces, privately-owned public spaces governed by restrictions drawn up by the landowner and usually enforced by private security companies.

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“Need extra help?” and a link to Google. That's the response you get when you stump the DoNotPay chatbot lawyer, which has expanded its legal counsel across the United States to help address parking tickets and other minor infractions. Most of us would probably see how having a chatbot point you back to a blank Google search wouldn’t be the most helpful of referrals.

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Confronting inequality is integral to the history of libraries and remains at the heart of library service today. The same materials, programs and services are available to anyone who walks through the library’s doors, no matter the size (or existence) of their wallet.

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This week’s headline quotes Anthony Dukes, associate professor of marketing at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business, in an article from Advertising Age about the demise of retail flagship locations. Several recent articles about retail’s pivot to the experiential (instead of just transactional sales) reminds us of the power of our instruction, programming, and civic engagement to activate library spaces and make our work about more than just things.

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This week’s headline quotes Zoë Baird, chief executive of the Markle Foundation, from a New York Times article on skills-oriented hiring, training, and education that helps individuals find a career pathway even if they do not pursue a traditional four-year degree.

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This week’s headline comes from Ed Hess, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business, writing about the cognitive and emotional skills that will be needed in the age of artificial intelligence.

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