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This week’s headline quotes the Digital News Project 2017 report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism – the report analyzed thousands of open-ended responses from news consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Australia, France, and Greece about their reasons for low trust in the news media and social media (

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This week’s headline quotes 32-year-old farmer Liz Whitehurst, the owner of Owl’s Nest Farm, on her decision to join a growing movement of highly educated, ex-urban, first-time farmers (The Washington Post “A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm”).

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This week’s headline quotes Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Jon Weinstein as the MTA makes a series of changes, including a switch from gender-specific terms like "ladies and gentlemen" to more inclusive language like "passengers," “riders,” and "everyone" in automated announcements (Mashable "New York's subway systems are switching to gender inclusive announcements").

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This week’s headline quotes Josh Golin, Executive Director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, noting the proliferation of inappropriate videos on YouTube Kids, where algorithms lead the curation of content (The New York Times “On YouTube Kids, startling videos slip past filters”).

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This week’s headline quotes Maja Pantic, Professor of Affective and Behavioural Computing at Imperial College London, expressing the reasons for her concern over technology firms’ aggressive recruitment of talented computer scientists away from academia and into the private sector (The Guardian “'We can't compete': Why universities are losing their best AI scientists”).

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This week’s headline quotes Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer at Mozilla, about The Glass House, a new pop-up store in London that uses interactive art exhibits to demonstrate the implications of sharing personal data with big technology firms (Mashable “This cheeky 'store' can help you take control of your online life”).  

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This week’s headline quotes David Watson, a 38-year-old managing director at Deutsche Bank, about the value of his conversations with his junior mentor Fernando Hernandez, a 29-year-old engineer in the bank’s global markets technology division (The New York Times “Executive mentors wanted. Only millennials need apply.”).   

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This week’s headline quotes Chicago-area real-estate executive Charles Lamphere, reflecting on employers’ movement away from urban centers and into suburban office parks.  

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This week’s headline quotes artist Sebastian Errazuriz from his response to a new project from Snapchat that overlays augmented reality art installations in locations around the world – a strong reminder that trends and changes need to be questioned and carefully considered. I’m trying something new with this week’s round-up, highlighting five articles that were particularly interesting and might deserve some additional attention.

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This week’s headline quotes Lori Bush, a councilwoman from Cary, North Carolina, explaining the town’s interest in piloting an Amazon Alexa skillset that provides town service information and options for residents to open up case issues with the local government (Government Technology “7 state or local governments using Amazon Alexa”).

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This week’s headline quotes Sloan Eddleston, Walmart’s VP of eCommerce strategy and business operations, describing a pilot program in which customers will have groceries delivered right to their refrigerator through a partnership with a same-day delivery service and a smart-lock and security system.

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This week’s headline comes from Consumerist’s coverage of the new Nordstrom concept store, which will feature no merchandise but provides a space for customers to hangout, try on some of their online purchases, and take advantage of stylist services.

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This week’s headline quotes Nichole Pinkard, founder of the Digital Youth Network, which helped build Chicago’s City of Learning platform. In a fascinating story in CityLab, Pinkard and others describe how they have used City of Learning and its resulting data to better understand the relationship between program offerings, access, participation, and educational outcomes for young people.     

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Flipped learning is a phenomenon that has swept through the halls of academia and kindergarten through twelfth grade schools. When done well, it frees up classroom time for deeper exploration and application of instruction that is delivered in advance, often using current technology tools.

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This week’s headline quotes Matt Hammersley, CEO and cofounder of Novel Effect, an app that uses voice-recognition technology to insert sound effects and music to books as you read them aloud.

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