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This week’s headline quotes Dr. Michael Yogman, chief of the division of ambulatory pediatrics at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ committee on psychosocial aspects of child family health, which led the development of the Academy’s new statement on the power of play (The New York Times “Let kids play”).

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This week’s headline quotes David Hakanson, Saint Louis University’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer, as the university plans to deploy more than 2,300 Echo Dot smart devices in resident hall rooms and a custom SLU Alexa skill to provide instant answers to more than 100 questions specific to the university (Engadget “Saint Louis University will put 2,300 Echo Dots in student residences”).

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This week’s headline quotes Charles Stewart, professor of political science at MIT, on West Virginia’s proposal for a blockchain-based mobile phone voting pilot project for deployed service members – to be clear, Stewart, along with several other election integrity and computer security experts, doesn't consider mobile voting ready for "prime time” (CNN “West Virginia to introduce mobile phone voting for midterm elections”).

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This week’s headline quotes Somen Saha, co-founder and CEO of n-Powered, a start-up that works with universities to program Echo Dots for students’ use on campuses (The Chronicle of Higher Education “Hey, Alexa, should we bring virtual assistants to campus? These colleges gave them a shot”).

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This week’s headline quotes Farhad Manjoo’s excellent column exploring how technology platforms have begun to more closely examine what people can say online and how they can say it – and how these approaches to policing content will affect politics, the media, and other aspects of society (

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This week’s headline quotes Evelyn Harris, a student in an all-girls Intro to Auto class at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina (The Hechinger Report “Girls-only trade classes are spreading — and upending stereotypes”).

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This week’s headline quotes Michael Martin, vice president of digital products for Nike, talking to BuzzFeedNews about the company’s new Nike by Melrose store, which uses Nike commerce data, including information collected through the Nike app, Nike Training app, Nike+ Run Club, and Nike buying patterns in its existing stores, and rotates merchandise based on shopping patterns – the store will also send push notifications to Nike app users when they walk by the store and introduce a Retail mode for the Nike

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This week’s headline quotes Eran Ben-Joseph, the head of MIT’s Urban Studies and Planning Department, on the introduction of a new Urban Science undergraduate major that brings together existing content from programs in urban planning and computer science to help students become better scientists, planners, and policy makers (Wired “Cities are watching you—Urban Sciences graduates watch back”).

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This week’s headline quotes Laura Reynolds, Seattle Symphony vice president of education and community engagement, on the development of Octave 9, the Symphony’s new venue that can morph from traditional concert performances into a 360-degree chamber for shared immersive experiences (GeekWire “Seattle Symphony to create new performance space for 360-degree shared virtual experiences”)

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This week’s headline quotes Nic Newman, lead author for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism's new Digital News Report, which explores how people access news around the world – and Newman points out that while this shift gives people more control over where and how they engage with news, it could also make public debate and news distribution even more fragmented (BBC “'Fewer people' are using Facebook for news”).

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This week’s headline quotes Erin Russo, principal of Discovery Elementary in Arlington, Virginia, about the educational benefits that complement the environmentally responsible "net zero" school building (The Hechinger Report "Schools lead the way to zero-energy buildings, and use them for student learning").

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This week’s headline quotes Justin Garrett Moore, urban planner and executive director of New York City’s Public Design Commission, talking to Curbed about the importance of true third places in an era when restaurants and retailers are marketing the concepts of community spaces and town squares (Curbed “It’s time to take back third places”).

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In May Amazon announced a new a new product called Prime Book Box, a subscription box service for children’s hardback books. Subscribers pay $23 per month to receive the box with four board books or two picture books or novels every one, two, or three months. The service includes options for children ages baby-two years, three-five years, six-eight years, and nine-twelve years.

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This week’s headline quotes Elisabeth Goodridge, the New York Times’ editorial director of email and messaging, about the paper’s push for temporary “pop-up” newsletters that keep readers informed about a variety of topics, from Game of Thrones to summer in the city (Digiday “Why The New York Times likes short-run newsletters”). 

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Blockchain continues to be a bit of a mystery (part of why I’m excited for the Library 2.018 - Blockchain Applied: Impact on the Information Profession event on June 7th), but several pieces of news have piqued my interest and helped me to think about how blockchain might intersect with some of the most essential pieces of library work.

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