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This week’s headline quotes Erin Russo, principal of Discovery Elementary in Arlington, Virginia, about the educational benefits that complement the environmentally responsible "net zero" school building (The Hechinger Report "Schools lead the way to zero-energy buildings, and use them for student learning").

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This week’s headline quotes Justin Garrett Moore, urban planner and executive director of New York City’s Public Design Commission, talking to Curbed about the importance of true third places in an era when restaurants and retailers are marketing the concepts of community spaces and town squares (Curbed “It’s time to take back third places”).

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In May Amazon announced a new a new product called Prime Book Box, a subscription box service for children’s hardback books. Subscribers pay $23 per month to receive the box with four board books or two picture books or novels every one, two, or three months. The service includes options for children ages baby-two years, three-five years, six-eight years, and nine-twelve years.

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This week’s headline quotes Elisabeth Goodridge, the New York Times’ editorial director of email and messaging, about the paper’s push for temporary “pop-up” newsletters that keep readers informed about a variety of topics, from Game of Thrones to summer in the city (Digiday “Why The New York Times likes short-run newsletters”). 

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Blockchain continues to be a bit of a mystery (part of why I’m excited for the Library 2.018 - Blockchain Applied: Impact on the Information Profession event on June 7th), but several pieces of news have piqued my interest and helped me to think about how blockchain might intersect with some of the most essential pieces of library work.

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This week’s headline quotes Starbucks’ new “Use of the Third Place Policy” that seeks to establish its stores as a third place, where customers can gather and connect and where any customer is welcome to use their spaces, including restrooms, cafes, and patios, regardless of whether they make a purchase (Associated Press “New Starbucks policy: No purchase needed to sit in cafes”).    

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This week’s headline quotes Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi at the Uber Elevate summit in Los Angeles, where the company laid out its ambitious plans to develop and commercially deploy its uberAIR air taxis, plans that require extensive partnerships to develop the aerial vehicles, the skyports they will land on, and the electric batteries that will power them (TechCrunch "Uber’s aerial taxi play").

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This week’s headline quotes Andrew Moore, dean of the school of computer science at Carnegie Mellon, about the movement of A.I. and robotics researchers from faculty and research position in higher education to private labs run by big internet companies (The New York Times “Facebook adds A.I. labs in Seattle and Pittsburgh, pressuring local universities”).

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This week’s headline quotes James Fallows’ feature article in The Atlantic, reporting on years touring communities throughout the United States and finding that, through civic governance, immigration, schools, libraries, downtowns, and conservation, America may be pursuing more positive futures than we sometimes realize (The Atlantic “The reinvention of America”).

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This week’s headline quotes Jordan Peele, speaking as president Barack Obama, in a public service announcement Peele created by manipulating video of the former president to follow a script written and performed by Peele – the video highlights the evolving threat of digital misinformation (BuzzFeedNews “This PSA about fake news from Barack Obama is not what it appears”).

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This week’s headline quotes Lisa Jacobson, founder and chief executive of Inspirica, a New York City tutoring company that specializes in one-on-one test preparation and has steadily expanded its "homework therapist" services to support students’ emotional health and increase their achievement (The New York Times "Homework Therapists’ job: Help solve math problems, and emotional ones").

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This week's headline quotes Sara Goldrick-Rab, a professor of higher education policy and sociology at Temple University in Philadelphia, on the growing popularity of community colleges among students from middle- and upper-middle-class families (The New York Times "Middle-class families increasingly look to community colleges").

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This week’s headline quotes a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “The public internet option: How local governments can provide network neutrality, privacy, and access for all,” which argues for the creation of municipally-owned ISPs as the best way to preserve net neutrality (Motherboard “ACLU: To protect democracy, cities should build their own ISPs”).

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This week's headline quotes Video Vortex manager and “VHS Culture Captain” Josh Schafer on what he thinks makes Alamo Drafthouse’s new video rental store so special (Entertainment Weekly “Alamo Drafthouse video store to let you rent any movie for free”).

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This week’s headline quotes Ryan Bradley’s article about pop-up restaurants - a familiar insight from another industry that speaks to the transformation of spaces (GQ “How pop-ups took over America’s restaurants”).

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