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This week’s headline quotes the AI Now Institute’s new report exploring how artificial intelligence-based tools are being deployed with little regard for potential ill effects in places where they can deeply affect thousands or millions of people (TechCrunch “AI desperately needs regulation and public accountability, experts say”).

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This week’s headline quotes Omar Blaik, former vice president of facilities and real estate services at the University of Pennsylvania, on the rise of colleges and universities leading the revitalization of local communities through the development of business districts, retail spaces, restaurants, housing, and more (The New York Times “Universities look to strengthen the places they call home”).

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This week’s headline quotes the motto for Pop Gym, a Brooklyn-based martial arts collective that brings self-defense classes to unexpected venues, including libraries, and to populations that may be marginalized in a traditional, hyper-masculine gym (Pacific Standard “In Brooklyn, a roving gym is building muscle and community”).

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This week’s headline quotes Xinhua News’ virtual newsreader, which can "work" 24 hours a day on its website and social media channels, "reducing news production costs" - an artificial intelligence (AI) system synthesized the presenters' voices, lip movements, and expressions (BBC “China's Xinhua agency unveils AI news presenter”).

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This week’s headline quotes Denise Resnik, founder and executive director of First Place, a new supportive residence community in Phoenix designed for adults with autism and neurodiversities - the space features ample common spaces, design features to minimize sensory overload, and access to a Transition Academy that offers a two-year program to teach residents life and work skills (City Lab “Autism-friendly apartments open in Phoenix”).

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This week’s headline quotes Paul LeBlanc, president of Southern New Hampshire University. The university recently acquired the nonprofit LRNG, a Chicago-based organization that helps young people find job opportunities by encouraging them to acquire digital badges on its game-based learning platform.

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This week’s headlines quotes MIT President L. Rafael Reif, on the announcement of the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, an interdisciplinary hub for work in computer science, AI, data science, and related fields (The New York Times “M.I.T. plans college for artificial intelligence, backed by $1 billion”).

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This week’s headline quotes Ikea’s new Life at Home report, which finds that 1 in 3 people say there are places where they feel more at home than the space they live in, as individuals seek belonging, comfort, ownership, privacy, and security in a range of public and private spaces (Fast Company “A new Ikea report is an unsettling look at life in the 21st century”).

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This week’s headline quotes Vinoth Chandar, the CEO of ChuChu TV, responsible for some of the most widely viewed toddler content on YouTube with more than 19 billion views for children’s videos that are simple, sunny, and consistent (The Atlantic “Raised by YouTube”).

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This week’s headline quotes Nina Wolff Landau, a junior at Brown University, in response to the information requested by Shiru Café, a new coffee shop that offers students free coffee in exchange for personal data that lets the café target corporate-sponsored messages to customers.

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This week’s headline quotes The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) new The Future of Jobs Report 2018 – agile and lifelong learning are mentioned multiple times throughout the report, as executives and human resources officers foresee significant changes in workforce needs over the next four years (Gizmodo “Emerging tech will create more jobs than it kills by 2022, World Economic Forum predicts”).

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This week’s headline quotes Rohit Prasad, Amazon’s Vice President and Head Scientist, Alexa Artificial Intelligence (AI), on the company’s ambitions to eliminate the use of Alexa Skills in favor of a system that uses context clues like a user’s location, subscriptions, services, and history to figure out what they mean and what service is most useful (Digital Trends “Amazon wants Alexa to figure out how to fulfill users’ without help from Skills”).

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This week’s headline quotes Eric Klinenberg, professor of sociology and the director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University, from an opinion piece in The New York Times that argues that libraries are being disparaged and neglected at precisely the moment when they are most valued and necessary (The New York Times "To restore civil society, start with the library").

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This week’s headline quotes 18-year-old Isabelle on her decision to turn away from social media when she began feeling that her classmates had become "zombified" – Isabelle is one of several young voices featured in a story about teens who refuse to use social media (The Guardian “Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media”).

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This week’s headline quotes Dr. Michael Yogman, chief of the division of ambulatory pediatrics at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ committee on psychosocial aspects of child family health, which led the development of the Academy’s new statement on the power of play (The New York Times “Let kids play”).

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