History of the ALA Library

Happy 90th Birthday ALA Library!

[Written for our 90th birthday in 2014]

Top 100 Libraries By Collection Size

As you may know, the ALA Library has several pages in its section of the ALA website called “ALA Library Fact Sheets,” which answer fairly common questions about libraries, with sources noted. At some point in our history (and on September 30, we turned 88-years-old!), someone asked what were the top 100 libraries in the country, and we decided to use existing national surveys to respond, ranked by collection size.

Librarians Who Interview Authors on Television

The ALA Library recently responded to a rather specific question: What television programs consist of librarians interviewing authors? We found a good handful of librarian-hosted TV talk shows from all across the country that provide insight into the writer and writing process. We believe that all of these are current. Please do not hesitate to comment below with corrections. And let us know any that we have missed!

A Number of Children's and Young Adult Books as well as Audiobooks and Ebooks

In the newest edition of the Library and Book Trade Almanac   (formerly known as The Bowker Annual Library and Book Trade Almanac) put out by Information Today, Inc., the annual report on book title production now includes audiobook and ebook numbers.

Recommended Listening and Audiobooks

Q. I got to explain to an older patron today that audiobooks can be downloaded! She last listened to an audiobook when they were still on cassette tapes.  Now that she knows, she would love to give her 13-year-old granddaughter something else to listen to on her tiny music player. I told her about the Odyssey Award. Does ALA have any lists of audiobooks for children?

Newbery and Caldecott Medal Acceptance Speeches

Q. I wasn't able to be at the Newbery/Caldecott Banquet at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.  Will the speeches be published somewhere?

Recommended Viewing - Movies and DVDs

Q. I know ALA has reading lists in different age groups. But what about lists for other materials? Does ALA make a list of recommended movies or DVDs? And are there lists for different age groups?

Becoming a Librarian

Q. One of our library assistants has decided he'd like to become a librarian. Where can I direct him for more information, particularly for a list of library schools?

Number of Children's Books Published

Q. Can you tell me the number of children's books that were published last year?


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