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History of Preschool Storytimes

Reading aloud to children, or offering storytimes, came with the development of the children's library itself, around the turn of the 20th century. Anne Carroll Moore at the Pratt Institute Free Library had introduced a story hour at the Pratt Institute as early as 1896, and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh started a weekly story hour in 1900 under Francis Jenkins Olcott.

U.S. National Library?

Q. Does the United States have a National Library?

A. No, the United States does not have a National Library the way that many other countries do.  There are, however, five libraries that are recognized as being national in scope:

Flu Preparedness

Q. One of our regular library visitors asked what the library's plan for preventing the spread of the flu is.  He has asked whether we wipe down the books daily, or otherwise clean them to prevent transmission.  Does the ALA have information to help libraries on this subject?

CDC.gov Wash your hands

Evaluating your reference collection

Question: Due to budget cuts, my library is looking closely at the reference collection.  Are there any policies or guidelines for evaluating reference collections, especially in light of print and paid database resources?

Answer: While ALA does not have a collection development (or evaluation) policy for the reference collection, we do have various guidelines to help you create your own policy.  The ALA Library has gathered some resources on our Professional Tips Wiki:

Bar Codes in Libraries

Question: Is there a standard library barcode identification system?

Mobile accessible library websites

Question: We'd like to make our website available to patrons that have "smartphones".  Do you have any resources to help us?

Oldest University Library

Question: What is the oldest university library?

Electronic Collection Development

Question:   Is there a collection development policy would address the shift from print to electronic materials, the selection criteria for such materials, and what kind of reference materials should be preferably purchased in electronic format compared to the ones we should keep in print format?

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