Guidelines for Authors

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Author Guide (PDF)

The Author Guide will help you prepare your manuscript and ensure a smooth publication process.

Author Questionnaire (Fillable PDF form)

The Author Questionnaire provides us with all necessary contact information and will help us in marketing your book. Submit this with your final manuscript. Please contact your editor with any questions.

Required as Applicable

Please submit applicable forms and worksheets to your editor with your manuscript.

Figure List and Permissions Log (MS Excel)

Use this spreadsheet to track all illustrations and log all copyrighted material in your book including necessary credit lines.

Permission Agreement Form (MS Word)

Send this agreement when quoting from or reproducing copyrighted materials.

Image Release Agreement (MS Word)

Send this agreement when requesting permission to use photos or art.

Interview Release Agreement (MS Word)

Send this agreement to any interviewees.

Contributor’s Agreement (MS Word)

Send this agreement to any other contributors to your book.

Custom Marketing Materials

Customized marketing materials, including informational bookmarks, business cards, and promotional coupons, are available to you free of charge to help spread the word at events and speaking engagements.