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Celebrating National Gaming Day

Q. Where can I get information about how to best present and suggest our library celebrating National Gaming Day?

Showing Movies in the Library

Q. There's a community group that wants to show a movie to its members in one of the meeting rooms at the library. Is this legal?

Libraries and Photos of Patrons

Q. My library board would like to know if ALA has a policy in relation to taking pictures of children or adults in the library and then using them for promotional purposes, including posting them to the online photo sharing web site, Flickr. We love to share our events, but we're concerned about copyright.

Political activities

Q. I am a high-school senior working on a school project in which we must write an extensive paper on a special interest group of our choice. I've always been interested in being a librarian, so I chose the American Library Association. Your website has been helpful, but I don't see any information on the ALA interaction (or impact) on recent congressional or presidential elections. Where should I be looking?


Q.  With the increased use of DVD systems it has been suggested that we convert our VHS library of educational videos in VHS format to DVD.  Is it a copyright violation to convert to DVD and discontinue use of the VHS tapes?

Longevity record?

Q. I was just reading Theodore Jones' "Carnegie Libraries Across America" (Wiley, 1997) and saw a reference to Gladys Powers who served as the librarian in the Shelbina Carnegie Public Library for 67 years (from 1921 to 1988).  Is that a record?

Book donations

Q. Several patrons have come in wanting to donate books and magazines to our library. Most are not appropriate for our library collection, and even our Friends cannot accept all of these donations to sell. Do you have any other resources we can direct them to?

Storm Center

Q. I saw this week's article at the Huffington Post website about movie librarians, Librarians Save The Day! 11 Great Movies In Which They Star. I was very surprised to see a film there starring one of my favorite actresses, Bette Davis, that I never heard of! By any chance, can ALA tell me anything about Storm Center (1956)? I'm hoping to add it to my list of requested films from that online DVD rental service.

Author Events

Q. I'm an events coordinator for an independent book store.  We try to do author events frequently, often in collaboration with our town's library.  The librarian suggested I look into the resources from ALA.  What do you have?


National Library Symbol

Q. I've seen the web page on the National Library Symbol, ALA Library Fact Sheet 30 - National Library Symbol/Library Symbol Highway Sign. But you only have a small jpg file there. Do you have any large, high-resolution image files of the National Library Symbol that my library can download and use in our promotional materials and on our website?


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