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Support for Our School

Q. I'm a part time school librarian, in a rural area.  The local PTO would like to help me gain more funding for our school library. Do you have any ideas or resources I can share with them?

Budgeting for a Library Building

Q. Our town's library is bursting its seams, so we're beginning the exploration for a new one.  Is there any place we can look for the cost factors we need to consider?

Number of Children's Books Published

Q. Can you tell me the number of children's books that were published last year?

Art Media in the Caldecott Medal Books

Q. Using several sources, both print and online, I've tracked down the type of art media used in many of the Caldecott Medal-winning books, but I haven't been able to find some of the older ones, so my list is not complete. Can ALA help with this? I just want the art media for the Caldecott winners, not the honor books, if that helps.

Starting a Library

Recently, a reader of our I Love Libraries website sent over an inquiry about setting up a library in her community.  According to the IMLS  report, Public Libraries in the United States: Fiscal Year 2008 (most recent in the series), all but about 2% of the U.S.

Celebrating National Gaming Day

Q. Where can I get information about how to best present and suggest our library celebrating National Gaming Day?

Showing Movies in the Library

Q. There's a community group that wants to show a movie to its members in one of the meeting rooms at the library. Is this legal?

Libraries and Photos of Patrons

Q. My library board would like to know if ALA has a policy in relation to taking pictures of children or adults in the library and then using them for promotional purposes, including posting them to the online photo sharing web site, Flickr. We love to share our events, but we're concerned about copyright.

Political activities

Q. I am a high-school senior working on a school project in which we must write an extensive paper on a special interest group of our choice. I've always been interested in being a librarian, so I chose the American Library Association. Your website has been helpful, but I don't see any information on the ALA interaction (or impact) on recent congressional or presidential elections. Where should I be looking?


Q.  With the increased use of DVD systems it has been suggested that we convert our VHS library of educational videos in VHS format to DVD.  Is it a copyright violation to convert to DVD and discontinue use of the VHS tapes?


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