Thanks to everyone who attended the ALA TechSource Gadget Petting Zoo!

By Daniel A. Freeman |

We want to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's ALA TechSource Gadget Petting Zoo! The event was a major success, with dozens of people coming by the ALA Publishing booth to talk with some of our bloggers about the latest gadgets and what they can do for our libraries.

It's hard to say which gadget got the most attention. Of course we were expecting a ton of interest in the iPad and eReaders, and the interest was certainly there. But there was so much activity and discussion going on at the booth that it would be unfair to say that those devices dominated the conversation.

Using technology in the library is all about making things more accessible, and Tom Peters had a captive audience for his discussions on assitive devices for hearing-impaired and low-vision patrons, with many people seeking out his expertise in this specialized topic.

Cindi Trainor, our resident library photography expert, discussed the principles of getting great shots with a number of attendees, but she also had a chance to demo her iPad and talk about other topics as well.

And of course, library technology jack-of-all-trades Jason Griffey was there, discussing everything from eReaders to audio capture devices, always with an eye towards practical and cost-effective implementation in a library.

We're really thrilled with how this event turned out, and we're looking forward to expanding on it in the future! For more photos and videos from the Petting Zoo, check out these images and videos at Flickr. Additional video coming soon!