Q Que Queue

By Tom Peters |

Like the old saying goes, “If you watch the tech gadget world long enough, eventually the Q’s will line up.”  Yesterday the Q’s of the portable eReading gadget world mysteriously aligned.
First, the “Bits” blog (say that 5 times fast) over at the NY Times reported that Amazon’s Lab 126, the surely subterranean location that developed the Kindle, is hiring in a big way.  Reliable unnamed sources (always reliable, always unnamed) stated that Amazon is working on other portable electronic devices.  

Perhaps Lab 126 will hire Q back from the grave to oversee development.  Desmond Llewelyn, the actor who played Q in the Bond films, died in an automobile accident in 1999.  Or so we’ve been led to believe.  Amazon was 5 years old when Q allegedly died.  Perhaps he already had become a double agent. 

Second, the much-anticipated Que portable eReading device being developed by Plastic Logic – surely in subterranean Lab 237 – was put to rest.  Although a prototype was spotted at CES in Vegas last January (Is that employee from Plastic Logic of Russian descent?), evidently the real Que will never see the light of day.  What’s spotted in Vegas, stays in Vegas, I guess… 

…Or so we’re being led to believe.  Plastic Logic, after all is a British technology firm, founded a decade ago – perhaps on the same day of Desmond Llewelyn’s alleged death – by two Cambridge scientists, Sir Richard Friend and Henning Sirringhaus.  I couldn’t make up those names if I tried. 

The report of the demise of the Que in the Guardian (Guardian of what? Inquiring minds want to know) noted at the very end, “The Financial Times reported earlier this week that Plastic Logic was in negotiations with Rusnano, a Russian state-owned nanotechnology corporation, about a significant injection of capital.”  This confirms my suspicion that the Russkies are involved in this convoluted plot for world domination. 

Third, reports (you know the drill) from reliable unnamed sources continue to circulate that production of the next generation of Kindle readers already cannot keep up with orders.  There is, in other words, a queue. 

Q, Que, Queue.  M6, A9, Lab 126, Lab 237.  It all adds up.  Ask Miss Moneypenny.