Overwhelmed by Spam Comments

By Tom Peters |

Time to wash the windowsIf you haven't noticed, this blog is becoming overwhelmed by spam comments.  The blogging software we currently use allows us to ban spammers and delete spam comments, but only one at a time.  Deleting all these spam comments makes washing the windows on the Empire State Building seem like child's play.

In an effort to get the spam under control, we have decided to disable the comments function on this blog.  We really regret having to do this, because the non-spam comments often are very informative and insightful and lead to good conversation. 

Now that the spam-spigot has been temporarily turned off, we will try to catch-up on deleting the existing spam comments.   

We plan to migrate to WordPress soon (no firm migration date yet), which should enable us to open up the comments again and laugh at the spammers.

TIA for your patience as we do battle with spam and retool. 

One of the great ironies in this:  I grew up in Fort Dodge, Iowa, where (back then, not now) Spam the food product--debatable, perhaps--was manufactured.  I had no idea then that spam comments would become the bane of my digital existence.