New on the ALA Editions Blog: TechSource Bloggers Discuss eBook Summit with Sue Polanka

By Daniel A. Freeman |

When we created the new ALA Editions blog, one thing that we were very excited about was giving our authors a place for expansion and further discussion of their work. This was especially important for technology-oriented writers, because when a book on a tech topic is published, the topic remains fluid, discussion continues, and updates are often needed.

Sue Polanka's No Shelf Required: eBooks in Libraries is a perfect example. While the book itself provides a perfect starting point for any librarian who is interested in implementing an eBook program, we all know that discussion of the general topic is heating up, not cooling down.

When Library Journal held their “Libraries at the Tipping Point” eBook Summit on September 29th, the Editions blog proved a perfect place for Sue to provide some coverage. Sue interviewed TechSource's own Jason Griffey, Kate Sheehan and Cindi Trainor, who all participated in the summit. Read the interview here for some great perspective on this important summit.

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