Library 2.0 Gang 02/10: The Open Source Library System Market

By Richard Wallis |

Open Source Library Systems have definitely arrived. Nevertheless Marshall Breeding’s Perceptions 2009 report seems to indicate that the interest in open source systems, by those libraries with a proprietary system, is still not very high even for those expressing dissatisfaction with their current system.

At ALA Midwinter PTFS announced their intention to purchase the leading open source system support company LibLime. Just before the recording of this month’s show, they announced that PTFS and LibLime could not agree upon financial terms and have agreed not to proceed with the acquisition. So who better to join us as a guest on the show, than PTFS CEO, John Yokley.

We open the show with John providing an overview of PTFS, the LibLime situation, and his gerneral view of the market. Gang members Talin Bingham, Nicole Engard, and Frances Haugen, filled the positions round our virtual table for a view on how these events and survey results indicate a future for the open source sector.

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