Library 2.0 Gang 01/10: Towards A New Decade

By Richard Wallis |

The Gang for this month, Carl Grant, Marshall Breeding and Frances Haugen, convened as we enter the second decade of the 21st century, to review the game changing influences on our world over the last ten years and then attempt to predict what we will see in the next ten.

Ten years ago we were still recovering from the anticlimax of the millennium bug, just ahead of the dotcom bubble bursting and Google’s announcement of their first billionth index entry. Since then there has been a constant stream of Google prefixed applications and services, ‘i’ prefixed products, and more things suffixed with a 2.0 than you would want to count

Unsurprisingly, when the gang looked back, Google gets a mention or two, along with the rise of digital material.

The predictions for the future for libraries took on an interesting slant. The conversation, that ranged over radically different provision of future library services, raised the possibility of the one-to-one relationship between a library and an academic institution becoming a thing of the past.

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