January Library Technology Reports: Important Correction

By Daniel A. Freeman |

We'd like to make sure that all of our readers are aware of this important correction to the January issue of Library Technology Reports, Understanding the Semantic Web: Bibliographic Data and Metadata by Karen Coyle.

A reminder--you can purchase Karen's two-part LTR series on bibliographic data for the price of one issue at the ALA Store.

The images numbered Figure 10, Figure 11, and Figure 12 in the January 2010 issue of Library Technology Reports were incorrect. The correct figures are below.

When bibliographic and authority records are connected through the use of text strings, (Figure 10) any change in the display form of the heading causes the link between the two records to break. (Figure 11). Using a non-display identifier (Figure 12) allows the connection between the bibliographic and authority data to be maintained even though display forms may change. This method also allows the use of alternative displays, such as in different languages or scripts, without the need to make modifications to the bibliographic record.

Figure 10: Sample bibliographic and name records, linked.

Figure 11: Sample bibliographic and name records; link broken due to name change.

Figure 12: Sample bibliographic and name records with identifiers; links remain.