Integrated Library Systems: Open Source and Customization--A Webinar with Marshall Breeding

By Daniel A. Freeman |

As part of our ongoing partnership with WebJunction, we’re thrilled to announce the next in our series of Webinars--Integrated Library Systems: Open Source and Customization with Marshall Breeding.

Currently, the focus in the ILS market is on customizability. How much ability does a library’s software give the end-user, their institution and its IT staff when it comes to modifying the ILS to suit their specific needs? When they do have the ability to customize the program, how deep does the customization run? Is it accessible? User friendly?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a major emerging trend in this drive towards customizability. Marshall explains their significance:


Each library brings a unique set of expectations and requirements to the table as it implements its ILS. Through a careful selection process, the library will identify the system best suited to its fundamental requirements. Yet no prepackaged automation system will completely satisfy all of the nuanced needs of every library. Equipped with an API, libraries with their own programmers have the option of creating functionality that fills in the gaps between the system as delivered and their specialized requirements.

In his December issue of Library Technology Reports, "Opening Up Library Systems through Web Services and SOA: Hype, or Reality?", Marshall launches an unprecedented exploration into this idea of customizability through a series of surveys conducted with leading ILS vendors. As the title suggests, he attempts to determine whether this drive toward customizability is all hype, or if it is a new reality.

Please join us on Thursday December 10th from noon-1:30pm Central Time, for an interactive event where this topic will be explored in-depth. Marshall will discuss his work and moderate a panel of representatives from leading ILS vendors. Vendors will have a chance to demonstrate the latest features of their products, discuss customizability and preview what’s to come in the near future. There will also be a chance for questions at the end of the session, so attendees can be sure that they get the information that they want.

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