ILS and Customization--Join the Discussion!

By Daniel A. Freeman |

When it comes to the modern ILS, customization is all the rage. Marshall Breeding addresses this trend in the December issue of Library Technology Reports:

Over the last few years, Web services and the service-oriented architecture (SOA) have become dominant themes in IT across many industries. Web-based computing, service-orientation, and cloud computing increasingly displace the client/server approach favored by libraries in the past.

In library automation, one major trend involves evolving or rebuilding automation systems to adopt this new approach to software. Purveyors of both open source and proprietary library automation products increasingly emphasize the ways in which they embrace openness, support application programming interfaces (APIs), or implement Web services.

Libraries increasingly need to extract data, connect with external systems, and implement functionality not included with the delivered systems. Rather than relying on the product developers for enhancements to meet these needs, libraries increasingly demand the ability to exploit their systems using APIs, Web services, or other technologies.

As the emergence of Web 2.0 has shown, the coming decade will not be about working with technology, it will be about making technology work for you. There's no doubt that this trend toward customization is one of the hottest topics in library technology, and technology in general.

As the customization trend grows and evolves, ALA TechSource wants your voice to help push these new technologies forward. Marshall will be hosting the Webinar Integrated Library Systems: Open Source and Customization this Thursday at 12pm Central Time.

By attending the webinar, you'll have a chance to discuss this topic with one of the leading experts on the topic, as well as three top ILS Vendors--Equinox, Sirsi Dynix and Ex Libris. In addition to listening to Marshall's analysis of the ILS market and presentations on the latest technologies available from these vendors, you'll have a chance to ask questions and steer the discussion where you want it to go.

We've also created the #ILSCustom hashtag on Twitter to give a forum for Twitter users and serve as a side-channel for discussion during the webinar.

Don't miss your chance to help guide the future of Integrated Library Systems!

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