Happy Gaming Day greeting from an old friend

By Patrick Hogan |

Saturday, November 15, is National Gaming Day @ Your Library, and gamers are gearing up for major events around the country. Hasbro donated their game Pictureka to hundreds of libraries nationwide, an effort coordinated by ALA. Our goal is to get a mind-blowing number of people to play the same game on the same day. Wizards of the Coast offered 1,000 libraries a choice of their games Dungeon and Dragons or Magic: the Gathering. ALA Editions author Eli Neiburger and his colleagues at the Ann Arbor District Library will be running a national videogame tournament on their GT System.

At ALA TechSource, we recently heard from an old friend who is busy promoting gaming in libraries once again. Former ALA TechSource editor Teresa Koltzenburg launched this blog, recruiting Jenny Levine, Michael Stephens, and Karen Schneider. It was Teresa and Jenny who initiated the Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium.

Teresa quietly left ALA in March 2007. At best, our career paths take us on switchbacks where skill and knowledge gained is expressed in new ways. Here's what Teresa is up to now:

After a stint as new media editor at Illinois newspaper, Teresa became Public Information Specialist and New Media Coordinator in the University Relations office of Western Illinois University. Back in September, she wrote this article about gaming in WIU's Malpass Library. She also made this awesome video promoting gaming day:

In response to the video, a colleague posted the following on Teresa’s Facebook page:

"I love working with you. You understand how to market today's library."

Where did she pick that up!!!? Jenny, Michael, Karen, TechSource readers and Teresa caught the bug. She could leave the library association, but she's still got a bit of library in her.