Follow a Library!

By Michael Stephens |

I was glad to meet some of the good folks behind the “Follow a Library Project” in Delft last April for U Game U Learn (see last month’s post for more about UGUL presenter Michael Edson).. Their project is an international scale endeavor to make folks aware that they can follow their favorite library on Twitter. On October 1st, 2010, the group is encourage Twitter users to use the hashtag #followalibrary. At their recently published two minute overview video, they urge folks to “show the world what your favorite library is on twitter.” Members of the group were recent guests on This Week in Libraries.  Find out more about the “Follow a Library Project” at:

Their Web site states that “the initiative for the day comes from a group of information professionals who met each other on the world wide web: Edwin Mijnsbergen, Harriet de Man, Lukas Koster, Poulus Bliek and Wilma van den Brink.” I’m impressed with this group - that they met online and that they have established such a useful and fun initiative.

What I appreciate the most about this project is their main goal is educating people about the benefits of following a library on Twitter. The group is aiming beyond our little online world of librarians and library folk and I think we should help them. What better way to do your own promotion for YOUR library’s Twitter feed than to play up this internationally organized day.

Some off the cuff ideas whilst I continue to recuperate after that unfortunate dog-related injury:

  • Embed the overview video in your library’s blog or Web site and write a little blurb about your own library’s Twitter presence.
  • Make a  companion video highlighting the project and the faces behind your library’s Twitter presence.
  • Add info about the project to your other sites for online presence: Facebook, etc. Share with your friends everywhere.
  • Print up some of those ever popular bookmarks, inserts, fliers, stickers, etc (and do it quick - we have about 2 weeks) and send them out the door with your patrons.
  • Put up some fliers, get some local press coverage, and be sure to share the idea with your own followers.

I was happy to record a short promo video for the group and I shared it on the Facebook - not for my library friends really but for all of the other folks I’ve friended there. I’m hoping they’ll follow up and follow their own favorite library this October 1st. How else can we spread the word?