Focus on Library Metadata

By Daniel A. Freeman |

TechSource is kicking off the new year by turning our focus to a concept at the very core of library technology--library metadata. With all of the discussion about Google, ILS, Social Networking and eBooks, the major trends, developments and transformations in how library data is organized, managed and utilized often get overlooked.

Library Technology Reports will kick 2010 off with a double-dose of Library Data. Karen Coyle has authored our January and February issues. Her first issue, Understanding the Semantic Web: Bibliographic Data and Metadata, will be hitting mailboxes and our online store in about two weeks, and examines how librarians can and must transform their relationship with data to remain relevant in an increasingly web-based world:

The question that we must face, and that we must face sooner rather than later, is how we can best transform our data so that it can become part of the dominant information environment that is the Web.

In February, Karen will tackle metadata models and give us her perspective on RDA and how it can facilitate this data transformation. We'll be posting an excerpt from this issue on the blog tomorrow.

In addition to Library Technology Reports, we'll be using our blog as a place to discuss this topic. In addition to talking with Karen to get some additional context and supplemental information on her material, we'll have some guest blog posts on metadata themes.

We're happy to be launching the new year by discussing this exciting topic, and we look forward to some good discussions in the year to come.