Continuing the Conversation: Library Analytics, Session 1

By Daniel A. Freeman |

We just wrapped up the first session of the ALA TechSource Workshop Library Analytics: Inspiring Positive Action through Web User Data. This first session, The Basics of Turning Numbers into Action, focused on defining the concepts of web analytics, comparing different tools and understanding the visualization of data.

The fantastic presentation was accompanied by some vibrant Q & A and discussion, and to continue the conversation, we’re posting a few questions for continued discussion to the blog. Whether you attended or not, feel free to chime in and discuss via comments on this post. Paul and Char will be part of the discussion as well!

  • How can I tell if my site uses Google analytics?
  • I've read some people have privacy concerns over Google Analytics.
  • Any tips for working out a minimum number of visits per time period to deem a page worthy of maintaining?
  • Is this (web analytics and opacs) worth exploring more our LogiXML colleagues since they seem to be leading the pack on this issue?

You can also chime in on Twitter. The Hashtag is #alaanalytics.

Links to Resources from Today’s Session

These were the preliminary reading materials for today's session:

Wikipedia Entry: Web Analytics
“About Us” Page, Web Anayltics Association
Measuring Website Usage with Google Analytics, Part I Website Usage (from
Library Analytics Part I

The authors also suggested the following articles, though they may require authentication or subscription to a fee-based database.

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Black, Elizabeth L.2009. "Web Analytics: A Picture of the Academic Library Web Site User", Journal of Web Librarianship, 3: 1, 3 — 14

DANIEL WAISBERG and AVINASH KAUSHIK. 2009. "Web Analytics 2.0: Empowering Customer Centricity" Volume 2 Issue 1.

Paul and Char’s Slides from Today’s Session: