Comments on the Blog

By Daniel A. Freeman |

Reader participation in a blog is like a community's engagement with a public library--it's impossible to have too much involvement. The ALA TechSource blog is a place for perspectives, opinions, news and discussion of library technology trends. While the first three are obviously important, librarianship is a profession where collaboration is essential, and without discussion, its impossible for librarians to take full advantage of the new technology that is transforming our profession. We want our readers to be more than readers. We hold your comments in the highest regard, and we're always looking for more perspective, insight and criticism from those who enjoy the material on this blog.

Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever had an e-mail account knows, spam finds its way into just about every corner of the Internet, and blogs are no exception. Many readers who've recently attempted to comment on posts on this blog may have run into some difficulty getting their comments posted. As part of our effort to help corral the endless stream of spam, we've installed the Drupal spam module.  Unfortunately, while the spam module is excellent at blocking spam messages, we're still have some work to do on getting it to more effectively recognize legitimate comments.

We're working to find a better way to monitor our comments, prevent spam and ensure that legitimate comments are posted promptly. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue, and of course we would appreciate any suggestions our readers have.