A Comment on Comments

By Daniel A. Freeman |

If you are a longtime reader, you may be familiar with the long, dramatic saga of reader comments on Techsource. While we initially welcomed unmoderated commenting, it attracted so much spam that our interim editor Tom Peters had to disallow it. We continued to have difficulty managing comments in our old Gulo interface, so when we made the decision to switch over to Drupal, we figured we were also solving our comment problem. We were right about that, too...we just made one little mistake.

If you've been adding comments to our posts recently, you may have noticed that your comments, once added, disappear into the abyss. This morning, one of our more vigilant bloggers noticed this and let us know. It turns out that when we switched over to Drupal, we did not configure our "comments" settings the way that we wanted to, and all of our comments were sent to a queue where they were waiting for approval. Since we didn't know that, it seemed to us that no one was commenting. So for the past couple of months we've been in the ironic position of wishing our readers would comment more on our posts, while our readers were wondering why we weren't allowing them to comment.

For anyone who has been confused by this unfortunate situation, please know that we not only allow comments on the site, we absolutely encourage them. Facilitating an open and ongoing dialogue, and allowing unfettered reader comments is a huge part of that. As of today we have reconfigured the site so that you can comment all you want. We've even posted the comments that had been waiting in the queue.

Again, we're sorry for any confusion this may have caused. We look forward to hearing all of your comments and thoughts.