Cody Hanson to Tackle Libraries & The Mobile Web with ALA TechSource

By Daniel A. Freeman |

In the library world, there aren't a lot of topics hotter than the mobile web, and in February and March, ALA TechSource will be here to provide you with some guidance on this topic from one of the most knowledgable people in the field, Cody Hanson. Later this month, we'll publish Cody's issue of Library Technology Reports, "Libraries and Mobile Services", and on Wednesday, March 9th, Cody will lead the ALA TechSource Workshop "Making Mobile Services Work for Your Library."

Library services for mobile devices like Smartphones and iPads are becoming more and more common. As these devices explode in popularity, it is important that libraries are able to offer their patrons services and resources through them. In his Report and in his workshop, Cody Hanson will provide a foundation for launching, maintaining and expanding mobile services in your library.

Cody Hanson is Web Architect and User Experience Analyst at the University of Minnesota Libraries, where he works to make the online research process more intuitive and fruitful for students, staff and faculty. He was a 2010 ALA Emerging Leader, and he co-chairs the LITA Education Committee. He has spent several years helping to build library mobile websites, make them more student-friendly and assisting other librarians in learning about the mobile web and what it takes to make it work in a library environment.

Look out Cody's issue of Library Technology Reports later this month. You can register for his ALA TechSource Workshop at the ALA Store. Stay tuned to the ALA TechSource Blog for the latest updates, and supplemental interviews and posts on Cody's work.