Check out the Brand New!

By Daniel A. Freeman |

You don't have to be Jeff Bezos to know that the publishing industry is changing dramatically. Ten years ago, books, magazines, journals and reports were pretty much the same as they'd ever been--head to the library, check them out, smell that great papery smell and enjoy. Today, eReaders, tablets and a wealth of other technologies have taken print publishing for a ride that doesn't appear to be ending any time soon. The industry has changed, and continues to change as new technologies that supplement or replace print publishing emerge.

When ALA TechSource became part of ALA Editions, we immediately joined the effort to help book publishing at ALA stay on the cutting edge. As Editions' production and editorial staff pushed forward with their efforts to publish digitally, we decided that a new website and vibrant blog would be a great way to give our readers an inside look at how a new type of book publishing is emerging. We're proud to announce that we've completed the development of a brand-new, Drupal-based website for ALA Editions!

The site serves several functions--it centralizes Editions' online presence, giving visitors a place to learn about our products, learn about us, contact us or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. It also hosts the brand new ALA Editions blog, where you can get the stories behind our books, workshops and online learning products. On the blog, you can read insights into the publishing industry from our editors and publisher, go in-depth and read supplemental material from our authors, as well as interviews with experts on various library, book and publishing-related topics. Make sure to subscribe to the blog today! is also housing Children's Programming Monthly, a new electronic newsletter that contains a wealth of material invaluable to Children's Librarians building programs for children at a variety of ages and literacy levels. Because Drupal made the creation of the repository so simple and easy to maintain, we're able to sell subscriptions for only $50. You can check out the Children's Programming Monthly page and download a sample issue.

We're really excited about this new site. Visit it today and let us know what you think!