Building the Digital Branch: An ALA TechSource Workshop with David Lee King

By Daniel A. Freeman |

Every library needs a presence on the Web. Whether you work at a large academic library or a public library in a small town, you need to be able to provide service and content to your patrons beyond the walls of your building. In this workshop, David Lee King will take you through the process of building an effective, user-friendly library website that will exand and enhance your library's presence in its community.

This event will take place on Tuesday, August 3rd at 2:30pm Eastern (1:30pm Central, 11:30am Pacific).

Whether you're looking to launch your first website, redesign your site, or expand the site you have, this workshop will provide practical guidance for every step of the process.

David Lee King is the Digital Branch & Services Manager at Shawnee and Topeka County Public Library, and a sought-after writer and presenter on the topic of library websites. By signing up for this workshop, you'll have a unique oppportunity to work directly with David during the interactive presentation, which will include Q&A and discussion.

Sign up now and engage in 90 minutes of discussion and interactive learning you can’t get anywhere else—all for the low cost of $50.00.

Building the Digital Branch will include:

  • Defining the Digital Branch
  • A Guide to Usability on the Web
  • Gathering Information and Planning
  • Building the Branch
  • What to Do Once Your Site Is Built
  • Creating Community through the Digital Branch
  • Planning for Expansion