Annual 2009: Let the Games Begin

By Daniel A. Freeman |

Annual kicked off today, and at one of Chicago's swankier hotels I took part in a distinctly non-swanky event: Open Gaming Night. In an elegant ballroom at the downtown Hilton, a group of professionals from around the country gathered to kick back, socialize and have some fun.


There were plenty of attendees from the time the doors opened, as eager gamers of all ages gathered at tables to play board games:


Rock out to the Ramones:


Or, lest you think this was a gathering that encouraged people to become couch potatoes, to Dance:


The event was a great way to kick off a conference that--as anyone who has attended knows--can get a little intense. Librarians from many different types of facilities, from big cities and small towns, wore bright smiles as they played games together. Some old friends caught up, and a lot of people made new ones. As we get ready for a weekend spent hustling around Downtown Chicago for meeting after meeting, it was great to start off with some genuine fun.