ALA TechSource Workshop: Selecting and Evaluating Online Resources

By Daniel A. Freeman |

If you're a librarian, you probably understand the pressures involved in managing your library's online resources. Libraries of all size and type invest a significant portion of their budgets in the acquisition of electronic resources.  In addition to implementing and administering these resources, ibrarians are responsible for analyzing and demonstrating their cost-effectiveness.

In the August/September issue of Library Technology Reports, Jill Grogg and Rachel Fleming-May covered the state of the art of electronic resources use measurement. ALA TechSource is thrilled to offer librarians the chance to experience an interactive, multimedia learning event with Jill and Rachel with our upcoming ALA TechSource Workshop, Selecting and Evaluating Online Resources.

The workshop will take place at 2:30pm Eastern on Tuesday, November 9th. Topics covered will include:

  • Standards for collecting and reporting usage data
  • How to understand the use and value of e-resources beyond the information provided by log-on and download reports
  • How to create a localized, cost-effective guide for selecting e-resources
  • The basics of negotiation for librarians, including a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
  • And more!

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