ALA TechSource on Twitter

By Daniel A. Freeman |

Hello Readers--

With the constant changes, twists, and turns that come with Web 2.0 Technology, it can sometimes be hard for us to figure out where, when and how to establish our presence when a potential platform comes along. That being said, we've finally begun to use Twitter as a way to expand our ongoing coverage of library technology and the library tech blogosphere.

You can follow us by going here, we are ALA_TechSource.

We will be using twitter to link you to cool blog posts, articles and web pages, and to help  make you aware of interesting and exciting press releases and product announcements. Twitter will allow us to provide some more depth to our coverage--if we cover a topic on our blog, we'll be linking you to related posts and articles via Twitter. If there's a small story or interesting article we don't get to post directly to the blog, you'll be able to find it on Twitter.

While we might be a little late in jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, we are very excited about expanding our coverage. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter--we'll see you there!