Wireless at ALA

image of wireless detection status bar:for SSID = ALA-Guests, Security/Authentication: WPA2-PSKAccess to ALA’s Wireless Network


Need Internet access to your wireless device while at ALA Chicago Headquarters? The following steps will grant Internet only access on most devices:


Step 1: Detect the ALA-Guests network

See if your laptop or device detects the ALA-Guests network.  Depending on the device, the search for wireless connection may look like:

SSID: ALA-Guests
Security/Authentication: WPA2-PSK

Step 2: Type in the Network Security key:

(Case sensitive): OldestAndLargestLibraryAssociation1876

image of security key prompt








You should connect immediately with Internet access.  Open a browser to verify your connection.

Need help?

Call the helpdesk at x312/280-3273