Windows 7

What's New?

Windows 7 operating system offers a number of improvements in performance as well as convenience over Windows XP. A few of the of the top new features are listed below with links to videos on the Microsoft site on how they work.:

A-Z List of All Windows 7 Features

Explore all of the new features available in Windows 7

Improved Taskbar

Windows 7 taskbar offers live preview of open windows, pinning and best of all jumplists by program!

Jump lists

Jump quickly to the documents, files, media that you use most with a right click to any program on your taskbar. Pin frequently used files and view most recent.


A quick way to look at common file types regardless of location.  A shortcut to all files in common for easy perusal.

Peek, Snap and Shake

All part of the Aero desktop experience in Windows 7 these features make it easier to focus on what you need to see, the way you want to see it, with minimal effort.

Windows Search

No more searching through a list to find programs, having to remember how they are listed under All Programs.  This sleek search pulls everything you can think to search on in seconds, highlighting results in every aspect of the file:  title, property, and content are just the beginning!

Windows Essentials

A download of free software included with Windows which includes a photo editor, video creator and more!

MS Office 2010


  • Better options with Spark lines and Slicer filtering
  • Backstage view (File Tab) to manage Tools/Options
  • Customizable Ribbon

Outlook 2010

  • New Scheduler view for calendar, To-Do bar in inbox
  • Create email attachments from Jump Lists, by dropping files from your jump list into your mailing
  • Better time management with Outlook; while scheduling time to work on a document, you can drag it into your appointment

PowerPoint 2010

  • Include advanced photo editing, including the ability to remove backgrounds. 
  • The enhanced SmartArt enables users to quickly create graphics that accurately convey relationships and ideas.

Word 2010

  • Improved Undo, showing list of tasks
  • Backstage View (File Tab) to manage Document and Options
  • Customizable Ribbon
  • Easier Image Edits

Check out the info page on What's new with Office 2010 in Windows 7