Windows 8 Phone

Step 1: Tap Email from the Start screen

Note: To set up an additional account, from the inbox tap  > Settings > Add account

startscreen with email icon selected














Step 2: Tap Outlook

Settings screen with outlook highlighted













Step 3: Enter Account info

Enter the entire email account address and password, and then tap Sign in.

Outlook settings screen showing where to add credentials












Step 4: Leave Domain blank

Leave this field empty, and then tap sign in.

screenshot of Outlook settings Domain field without the Server field available












Step 5: Advanced Settings

If a notification screen is displayed, tap Advanced to enter additional account information.
NOTE: Tap Try again to edit the previous screen.

Outlook settings screenshot with Advanced button highlighted

















Step 6: Enter Server Settings

If you do not see a "server" field on the screen, simply enter the settings it asks for and click next. The following screen will have an option to enter the server.  Ensure that you have all the fields completed:

Email Address: *****
Domain: leave blank
User Name: *****
Password: Your password

Outlook Settings screen showing the Server field.  Leave Domain empty

Once you hit Sign In, you should see your Inbox.