What do Invitees See?

What happens when someone gets invited to your Adobe Connect session?

This is a common question among stakeholders that are helping you promote  your Adobe Connect event.  This page explains the registration flow for participants.

First, invitee visits link in email.

If they click the link in the email they received in the invite, it will take them to the Event Information page that can look like this:

Screenshot of Event info landing page for a sample Adobe Connect Event

Second, invitee registers for event.

They have options to find out more about the speaker, and there is a Register Now button that will reveal a screen that looks like this:

Screenshot of registration page for a sample Adobe Connect Event

Third, they should see an onscreen confirmation.

After they register, Adobe will confirm that info was received, with instruction to check their inbox, for the link. 

Screenshot of Event confirmation page for a sample Adobe Connect Event

Fourth, they receive link to session in an email confirmation.

They should see an email confirmation containing the link and exact time of the session.  Advise them to check junk mail if the email is not received.

Screenshot of email confirmation for a sample Adobe Connect Event

Finally, login to the room.

When they are ready to join the session, they need to come back to the confirmation email (the one they got from Adobe after they registered), to click the link.  It will take them to the login screen where they will need the email they used to register and possibly a password, depending on how the meeting was setup.

Screenshot of Event login page for a sample Adobe Connect Event