Welcome to ALA Tech Support!

Links for Staff to Outlook, Filr, Citrix, and more. Login required.

Detailed statistical reports on ALA web traffic.

Our goal is to promote capability for our member-volunteers and staff as they work with technologies supported by the Office of Information Technology and Telecommunication Services (ITTS). The ITTS Helpdesk can be reached by phone at (312) 280-3273.

In addition to how-to, videos and best practices, users will find:

  • Access to ALA Remote Resources- if you would like an overview, please email Jules jkloeppel@ala.org
  • Blog support
  • Google Analytics access and how to interpret findings for ALA
  • Sandboxes in Drupal to practice new capability for website content editors
  • Social Media best practices as developed by the Social Media Working Group
  • Support contacts and resources for Offices and Round Tables

Suggestions, including collaboration proposals, should be sent to Julianna Kloeppel, eLearning Specialist in ITTS at (800) 545-2433 ext 2461 or locally at (312) 280-2461.

We hope you find this a valuable resource for keeping current with technology and best practices at ALA.

About Staff-Only Pages

To protect our resources and comply with licensing agreements, some pages on this site are only visible to ALA staff and require login with a staff ID. Forgot your username or password? No problem.  Use the link to reset your credentials and check your staff email account.  Note: A member ID will not work to see staff-specific material.  Staff who are also ALA members will need to also have a staff ID set up in the database. Contact Julianna Kloeppel or submit a Track-IT! request if you have access issues on the site.

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