Track-IT!: The ALA Helpdesk

What is Track-IT?

ITTS system for tracking help requests and resource for storing self-help instructions in the Solutions Database.  All ITTS related requests should be initiated by entering a work order in Track-IT!

Where is TrackIT!?

How do I TrackIT!?

After you allow pop-ups, so the site will work properly, adding a work order is as easy as 1-2-3!

Use first name last initial with no password if you are a new user, otherwise the password is HelpMe!

*First time users can sign in with their firstintiallastname and no password.  The system will allow you to create your password.

Click the link Add Work Order

Add description and hit submit


  • You can search ITTS-related help materials and video tutorial links in the Solutions Database.
  • You can reach a live person internally at : ALA Helpdesk number, x3273; externally, (312) 280-3273.


Print these out with more detail:
Best Practices for Using the ALA Helpdesk: Track-IT!