Room Management

Adobe Connect at ALA host login:

Use your email to login and click "Forgot Password" to recover your credentials.  If you need immediate help getting in, call the helpdesk at (312) 280-3273 or submit a Track-IT.

Block Incoming--Keeping it under 100 participants!

Approaching your room limit?  Too many participants at your free event? Block incoming users from the room as the host in these two steps.

Checklist for Hosts and How-To Videos

The day of your meeting you want to make sure you have all your bases covered.  Comments open for your thoughts on additions to this list.

Brown bag Session:  Adobe Connect: What Every Host Should Know 
Landing Page for Adobe Connect How to Videos
Main help link for Adobe Connect
What is Adobe Connect?

Meeting Room Layout

If you get an error regarding the Default templates, refresh your Meeting Room using Create a New  Layout and call the help-desk so they can be restored.

License to Create or Host a Meeting: How to Book a License

If you don't have your own room, you will need to book the license with ITTS for your webinar.  Not only will you need the license for the webinar, but for setup (so you can create the link to the meeting for your presenters and attendees, as well as for any practice sessions prior to the webinar.

Upload PowerPoint/Video

This quick video shows the steps to upload  and share slides in the Adobe Connect Room.


Webinar Schedule  from our vendor, Clarix.  Make sure that you spell out American Library Association when you register.

Webinars offered freely to the public by Adobe

Slide Templates from fellow ALA Staff

Participant instructions used by ALSC, courtesy of Jenny Najduch
Participant instruction used by OIF, courtesy of Angela Maycock
Pre-Webinar Housekeeping slides shared by Jenny Najduch

Troubleshooting Checklist