Remote Resources: Voicemail & Web-Based Access to ITTS Resources

ALA Adobe Connect

Demos and how-to for Adobe Connect

ALA Connect

Resources and Training

Requires your login for

Council documents on ALA Connect

ALA and Library Acronyms

ALA Social Media

Links to the social media channels have been collected at Connect With Us.

Call Forwarding to Outside Line

Limited access and a fee applies. Contact ITTS via TrackIt to provide a chargeline for the fee and request set-up. Instructions for those who have it set up.


  • For remote access to iMIS and other resources. A fee applies. Contact ITTS via TrackIt.
  • Check out the steps to access Citrix remotely.
  • For those who have Citrix access and have downloaded the correct client for their operating system the remote access address is
  • Internally, in the Chicago building, the link for Citrix is

Email- Outlook web app

(Alternate is:

Sign in is your full email address and your network password.

Expense Report Forms


  • Filr is an online application by Novell that replaced NetStorage. 
  • Filr can be accessed at
  • Directions on how to use Filr can be found at:
  • You can view Conference Statistics on the sharedrive using Filr. Please save your own copies of the files before working with them. Location: S:\Share\ConferenceRegistrationLists\AC2017\.
  • To get to Booklist’s shared network drive (or F:), go to the Booklist Share folder in Filr, then select SYS. 

Gant Air Reservations (for approved travel)

  2. Open Travel Tools.
  3. First time login is email address and "changeme; if you have a Concur account, use that login.

877-786-0957 Toll-free (U.S. & Canada), After hours Emergency: 877-546-2406,, Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Time

Help Desk

Remote access to TrackIt.

Email for assistance.

Help Desk by Phone: 800-545-2433 x3273

Inside Chicago Headquarters during office hours, dial extension 3273.
Dial direct,  312-280-3273.
Toll free, 800-545-2433, then 3273.

Logins - Reset Your Login

ALA Login and password reset chart

Mobile Phone

Office 2016/ Office 365

Quick Start Guides



Membership Statistics

Sympa - eMail Lists


Chrome is recommended:

How to video: 

Voicemail (Audix)

Dial (800) 545-2433

  1. Press 9.
  2. Dial your extension, press #.
  3. Enter password, press #.
  4. Press 2 to get your messages.

Dial Your Phone Number

  1. Press * 7 when you hear your greeting.
  2. You will be prompted for password.
  3. Press 2 to get your messages.