Updating Your Staff Record with Photo and Expertise

About the KMS Staff Directory

Each employee record in the KMS Staff Directory should include an actual photo—no avatars or baby pictures please—of each ALA employee as a way for all of us to learn and recognize our co-workers and, in the event of an emergency, identify someone who may become incapacitated at work.

Additionally, it is now possible, for all employees to add information about their areas of expertise to their individual KMS Staff Directory Record.  So if you are a notary public, involved with lobbying or an expert on censorship, others can locate you by performing a search in the KMS and avoid sending out an all staff email.

Important! Understanding the Relationship between the KMS Staff Directory and the ALA Staff Directory on www.ala.org

The data in the KMS Staff Directory feeds the ALA Alphabetical Staff Directory page on www.ala.org.  Therefore, only permanent staff members have records in the KMS and not temporary employees. The format of the www.ala.org Staff Directory is not being altered and the data and photo that you add to your KMS Staff record will be used for internal purposes only.

Permissions are set so that only the user who is logged into the KMS, can edit his/her own Staff Directory record.  Therefore permanent employees must complete this process for themselves.

As your staff record data changes, it is your responsibility to edit the record to keep your information current.

Step 1: Procure a Digital Photo of Yourself That You Like

Preferably the digital photo should be in a .jpg format, you can ask facilities to email you the picture you took for your photo ID.  Save the .jpg file attachment to the following file path: C:\My Documents\My Pictures.

If you contact library@ala.org and arrange a visit to the ALA Library, one of our librarians can photograph you and email it to you.

Step 2: Locate and Place Your KMS Staff Directory Record in Edit Mode

  1. Go to http://km.ala.org and login with your network Login ID (first initial last name) and password.  Remember the KMS is synched with the login and password that you use to access the network, so when your Novell network password changes so does your password to access the KMS.
  2. To work within the KMS, pop-ups must be enabled, so answer any browser prompts “to always allow pop-ups.”
  3. On the homepage in the first column, under ALA Staff Tools, click on the Staff Directory link.
  4. In the Search Name or Ext: field, type your last name and hit Enter on your keyboard or browse to your record.
  5. Double-click on your entry to open the record.  If you are a permanent employee and cannot locate a record for yourself, submit a Track-IT! work order with the classification of:
    - Summary: No record in KMS Staff Directory
    -Type: Help with Tasks
    -Subtype: KMS (Knowledge Management System)
  6. At the bottom of your opened record you will see an Edit icon.  This icon will only appear in the staff record of the individual logged into the KMS, no one else can edit your record.

Step 3: Add Photo to Your KMS Staff Directory Record

  1. To upload your newly edited, perfectly square photo, go to the Foto field and click on the green plus icon at the right end of the field.
  2. On the subsequent Attaching File window, click on the Browse button, and within the Choose File dialog box, navigate to where you have saved your photo.  Ex: C:\Documents and Settings\’yourname’\My Documents\My Pictures\’photoname’.jpg.
  3. Click Open.
  4. You will be returned to the Attaching File window and should see the file path for your photo in the field, click the Upload icon.  You will be returned to the ALA Staff tab.
  5. Round out your record by entering values in the remaining fields:
    -Mobile Phone Number and Home Phone Number will be pulled to create the Emergency Call Tree within the KMS.  Those who are responsible for notifying others in case of an emergency will have a   Call Tree tab within the KMS and will be able to see your home and mobile number there but no one else will see your personal numbers in your record.
    -About Me:  Synopsize your background and job responsibilities at ALA.
  6. Continue to the My Expertise area at the bottom of your staff record.

Step 4: Add Expertise to Your KMS Staff Directory Record

  1. At the bottom of your record, you will see an area called My Expertise and a drop-down list within it that says ALA Staff.  Within the drop-down list are a series of values related to expertise types across the Association.
  2. Select a value from the list to add your first entry in the field provided.
  3. To add multiple expertise types, click on the green plus icon below the field to reveal another drop-down list; select another value and repeat the process until you have selected all the expertise types that apply.

    Important! If you are not finding an expertise type that you believe should be tracked within the Association, please email library@ala.org and request the value(s) you would like to see included in the Expertise listing.
  4. To remove a value, click on the red minus icon on the right edge of the field.
  5. Click the Submit icon  at the top and bottom right of the record to save the edits to your record.
  6. You can now review your record and either click the Edit button to make changes or the Back button to be returned to the Staff Directory.