Telephones & Audix Voicemail


Chicago Headquarters:  Everyone's direct dial number begins with 312-280- followed by their four digit extension.


About: ALA uses a voicemail system called Audix. 

Accessing Audix at your desk: Depending on your phone model, you can access Audix at your desk by pushing either the Messages button or the Audix button.  You can also dial extension 5000.

Accessing Audix from outside the office: You have two options:

  1. Dial your direct telephone number and press *7 when the greeting commences.
  2. Dial the ALA 800 number: 1-800-545-2433 and press 9 at the beginning of the message.

Follow the links below this section in the left navigation pane to set up your voicemail for the first time, learn more about working with audix and for cheat sheets.

Setting up Audix Voicemail for the First Time

Welcome to ALA! One of the first things you need to do upon finding your new space is set up your voice mail. Doing so is relatively painless:

1. How to Log In

A. Press the button on your phone labeled AUDIX OR Messages.  If you have a single line phone, dial 5000 to reach the AUDIX system.

B. If accessing AUDIX from your desk, press the # key when asked for your extension number. If you are dialing in from home or from another phone in the building, enter your four-digit extension number and the # key.

IMPORTANT FOR FIRST TIME USERS!! When prompted for the password, press only the # key. Pressing anything else during your first-time setup will lock you out of the system.

C. Enter your password and the # key.


2. Record Your Name

You will now be prompted to record your name.

A. Press 1 to begin recording your name

B. Speak your name clearly (no greeting at this time)

C. Press 1 again to end the recording

D. Press # to accept your recording or 1 to re-record your name.

3. Create Your Password

A. Enter a new four-digit number to use as your new personal password. Press # when finished. Do not use common or obvious passwords such as 1234, 1111, etc… This leaves us vulnerable to intrusion from the outside.

B. Re-enter your password for verification.

4. Create a Personalized Greeting

A. From the Main Menu, press 3 to choose to administer your greetings.

B. Enter 1 to create or change a greeting.

C. Enter 1 for the first greeting to be used (you may have up to 9 different greetings).

D. Record your greeting.

E. Enter 1 to end the recording F. Press 2,3 to play back your greeting – or – Press 3 to delete and re-record your greeting – or – Press # to approve and accept your greeting

F. Press 1 after recording and approving your greeting to activate it. If you do not activate the greeting it will not work properly.

Accessing and Navigating Audix Voicemail

Logging into Audix

  1. Depending on the make and model of your phone, press the Audix or Messages button or dial 5000
  2. When system attendant answers, press # (if calling from your extension) or your extension and # (if calling from another phone or from out of the office)
  3. Enter password and #.

Listening to Messages

  • To get messages, press 2 then 0 (to skip the header)
  • To delete messages, press * 3
  • To recover deleted messages, press * * 8
  • To save, do nothing. Messages are automatically saved for 30 days.
  • To forward, press 2
  • To go to the next message, press #
  • To exit, press * * 9. You should always do this, otherwise you may not exit the system correctly

Sending Messages

  1. Login to the Audix system
  2. Press 1
  3. Record your message
  4. Press #
  5. Enter the voicemail extension of the person to whom you wish to send the message
  6. Press #
  7. Enter any other extensions of additional message recipients
  8. Press # after each extension
  9. Press # to finish

Phone Diagram





Forwarding your calls to another extension

  1. Press the grey Menu button (see diagram)
  2. Press the "Send All Calls" or "CFrwd" (call forward) button
  3. Enter the extension where you want to forward your calls
  4. You will hear a beep confirming your selection. All calls will now go to that extension.


Stopping Call Forwarding

  1. Press the grey menu button
  2. Press the CFrwd (call forward) button. Calls will now ring on your phone.


To pick up another person's phone

  1. While phone is ringing, pickup handset and press Call Pickup button (see diagram)
  2. The name and extension where the call originated will flash on the screen.
  3. You are now on the line with the caller

To transfer calls

  1. Press the Transfer button (see diagram)
  2. Enter the extension of the person to whom you are transferring
  3. Wait for the person to pickup the phone. When they answer, let them know who is on the line.
  4. Press the Transfer button again
  5. To return to the caller without completing the transfer, press the line button currently holding the caller (the button lit up in green)

To transfer a call to Voice Mail

  1. Press the Transfer button (see diagram)
  2. Dial 1391 and wait for the attendant to pick up.
  3. Enter the extension number
  4. Press the Transfer button again and hang up.

Helpful Hints for Working with Messages in Audix

  • To slow down a message, press 8 (the more you push the slower the message becomes)
  • To speed up a message, press 9 (the more you push the faster the message becomes)
  • To back up 3 seconds into a message, press 5
  • To go forward 3 seconds into a message, press 6
  • To make a message louder, press 4
  • To make a message softer, press 7
  • To replay a message, press 0
  • To pause a message, press 3. Press 3 to resume
  • For help at any time, press * 4